If you ever find yourself driving across South Dakota, make the stop at Badlands National Park as it is awesome.  I enjoyed the flora of this region and recognized quite a bit.  The Visitor’s Center had some great information on the plants of this area and we picked up a book on this topic, Read More

As part of our family Road Trip 2015 out “West”, we were able to fit in some nice stops to stretch our legs!  All of the garden shots here were taken at the Riverside International Friendship Gardens in La Crosse, WI (www.riversidegardens.org/).  The garden was beautiful and while I enjoyed seeing it over eight, Read More

On vacation but will try to blog as time allows.  I hope to see some other botanic gardens as well.  Great day today at the gardens with lots of volunteers and an excellent grounds crew.

It was another excellent day out in the gardens.  What we thought was going to be a very muggy day was actually not bad with a decent breeze and overcast skies.  It was again nice to see so many visitors out in the gardens enjoying seeing plants like this ‘Heartthrob’ perennial hibiscus (Hibiscus moscheutos), Read More

It was another warm and sunny day with our high temperature climbing in to the mid 80 degrees F range.  “Bring it on!” I say as the gardens are responding well with plenty in bloom like the gayfeather (Liatris sp.) above.  This weather is more characteristic for late July and while I’ve enjoyed all, Read More

It was another gorgeous day out in the gardens.  It was one of our five scheduled FREE days and we saw an excellent crowd of visitors enjoying the gardens.  The views (like that above in the gazebo garden) continue to look gorgeous and our seasonal collections are filling in nicely with all of the, Read More

Today was simply beautiful with a cooler start to a sunny day with a high temperature around 80 degrees F.  It was excellent working weather and while the gardens were still damp from our recent rains, we did some select watering and fertilizing here and there.  The gardens were beautiful today as evidenced by, Read More

The weekend saw some heavy winds and driving rain on Saturday afternoon and we spent quite a bit of time today cleaning up the gardens.  Thankfully, there were only a few large branches down but plenty of debris to collect.  The gardens still look great (see above) and are transitioning to mid-summer quite nicely., Read More

We had a nice visit today from some of the grounds staff from Olbrich Botanical Gardens (Madison, WI).  Terry, Big John and I were just at Olbrich this past Wednesday and it was nice to return the hospitality.  Above is the gang on one of our giant Adirondack chairs.  It’s always nice to chat, Read More

Today had a bit of drizzle although I had hoped for some more rain to be honest.  However, the overcast skies sure made the color pop.  A great example is our red/orange/yellow theme seen above in the entrance garden.  Peak color should be in the next week or two in this location. It’s filling, Read More