Terry, Big John and I hit the road early up to Madison for a “retreat” to see some other gardens and chat with other horticulturists.  Due to scheduling issues, the rest of the staff couldn’t make it which was a bummer as we had a blast.  Cindy, Larry, Nolan and Trevor held down the, Read More

After another deluge last night of 6/10th of an inch of rain, the gardens are sufficiently wet everywhere I would say!  We were commenting today that this July has seen the least amount of irrigation and sprinklers and we’re pleased to focus on other tasks aside from watering!  The photo above shows a tent, Read More

I’ll admit that I was a bit worried that the rain predicted for both this past Saturday and Sunday didn’t materialize.  I envisioned a day full of irrigation, moving sprinklers and hand watering.  Well, the sound of pounding rain and thunder early this morning allowed be to sleep well as we had a good, Read More

In brief, the Home Garden Tour was a wonderful success today.  All eight home gardens were beautiful and enjoyed by over 500 attendees on this fine day.  Thankfully, the weather turned out to be quite pleasant with cooler temperatures, overcast skies and no rain.  RBG thanks the homeowners that shared their gardens today and, Read More

Today was a warm and sunny, summer day with lots of visitors out in the gardens.  It was nice to see so many people enjoying the garden throughout the day.  Above is a nice shot of coneflowers (Echinacea hybrida ‘Cheyenne Spirit’) and gloriosa daisies (Rudbeckia hirta ‘Indian Summer’) in the Nancy Yahr Memorial Children’s, Read More

The summer heat is finally showing up with a high today near 80 degrees F.  This, of course, necessitated more watering and irrigation but we were prepared and ready for that as a typical July chore any way!  Above is the always beautiful Azumaya structure in the fern & moss garden.  What a tranquil, Read More

Today was another cool one at around 72 degrees F.  The sunshine was welcome and it looks like we’ll head in to some hotter weather later in the week.  We hope to have great weather for the Home Garden Tour this Saturday, July 11th.  See our website at www.rotarybotanicalgardens.org for more information on this, Read More

After another 2/10 of an inch of rain last night, the day cooled off and was mostly overcast and around 75 degrees F.  The sporadic sunshine was welcome, as was the additional rain.  I can’t recall a June and early July that we’ve run less irrigation than what we have this year…of course I, Read More

Today had some nice rain over the late morning which was a timely arrival.  We never count on the rain as we’ve regretted doing that in the past after it doesn’t materialize.  We did have some irrigation and sprinklers going but Mother Nature took over later in the morning.  I was able to get, Read More

With the impending Holiday weekend, we had a busy day tidying up the gardens and getting ready for the inevitable influx of visitors.  Today was extremely busy!  Nice shot above of the Russo Family Fountain with the observation pier in the distance.  I took this photo from the North path which connects the Japanese, Read More