Today was unique in that I didn’t have much time to take photos, but no worries as I’ve been wanting to share these recent butterfly photos from Marsha Mood.  Marsha takes lots of photos out in the gardens (and elsewhere) and is very generous with sharing the wide range of beautiful photos that she, Read More

Our rain gauge read 4/10″ this morning after some rain last night which is more than we’ve had in the last month or so.  The gardens looked fairly damp and that allowed us to focus on more garden related tasks instead of perpetual watering.  Our water leak was fixed (thanks Evergreen Irrigation) and while, Read More

A tinge of fall coloration can be seen on the Tiger Eyes sumac (Rhus typhina ‘Bailtiger’) above!  This coloration can start early (and end up a brilliant orange/red) but despite the very hot days, the cooler nights harken to the incoming fall weather!  Some rain sure would be nice and it looks like we, Read More

Well, the chance of rain never materialized which has been our luck as of late.  We started and ended the day watering and are doing the best to keep up. The gardens still look great (see the entrance garden above and formal gardens below) although a nice soaking rain would go a long way, Read More

Today was another beautiful sunny day in the upper 80 degrees F and it was nice to see so many visitors.  Unfortunately, they had to avoid our irrigation, hoses and hand watering efforts as we’re struggling to keep up with this dry spell!  There may be some rain tomorrow night but we’ll continue our, Read More

I think the answer to my blog title question is certainly “no”.  Above are Trevor (left) and Nolan who are leaving us this week after a great two months of helping out in the gardens.  Both gentlemen are going to UW-Whitewater this fall and we wish them the best (with their fashion decisions as, Read More

Today we hosted our Gardening As Therapy Symposium and it went VERY WELL.  The day started out early at 8 am and we had a full day of lectures and “hands on” activities.  The gardens were in good hands with Big John, Bob K., Cheryl, Nolan and Trevor taking care of watering and other, Read More

As I type this blog in the afternoon (3:05 pm), we just had a brief downpour which I suppose is better than nothing!  We had hoped for more rain over the past couple of days (and weeks) and have made huge efforts out in the gardens to keep up with this dry spell via, Read More

I feel our entrance garden is at peak with the reds, yellows and oranges blending in quite well throughout that space as well as the terrace garden behind the Parker Education Center.  These photos were all taken this morning!  This is the time to see it if you haven’t yet done so!  Unfortunately the, Read More

Today was another beautiful one out in the gardens (as seen above in the gazebo garden with a view to the distant arched bridge).  We had lots of visitors today including a bus load of folks from Slinger, WI.  We also had some VIPs from the Chicago Botanic Garden visit late this morning.  Richard, Read More