It was nice to be back after a week off although it always seems like you come back and aren’t one week behind…but three!  The gang did an awesome job of keeping up with the watering and the gardens looked wonderful despite not getting any rain in over two weeks.  The formal garden above, Read More

We started the last day of our ROAD TRIP 2015 this morning with a stop by the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden which was very impressive!  Kelly Norris (see below), the Director of Horticulture, from the garden gave us a nice welcome and tour.  The girls (see last photo down) loved the visit and, Read More

With the bulk of the day saved for travel from Colorado to Iowa (9.5 hours of driving), I snuck over to the Colorado State University Trial Gardens (Fort Collins, CO) this morning for some photos.  They were setting up for their popular Evaluation Day which brings in thousands of participants to this beautiful garden., Read More

We’ve had a whirlwind past couple of days centered around the wedding of my cousin Laura which went wonderfully!  We had a great day yesterday at the wedding and reception but prior to the wedding in the morning, my brother Dan, sister-in-law Beth and I went to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Read More

We started out the day with a wonderful visit to the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens ( which was spectacular.  This 9 acre garden is in the midst of some major construction on a new visitors center and my daughters and I were amazed by how much is going on in this garden.  Allie (Assistant Director), Read More