Today was another exceptional one in terms of weather with sunshine and a cool breeze.  The daytime temperatures are around 62 degrees F although it is quite a bit cooler in the shade.  I love this image above of the long border in the distance framed by this old mulberry (Morus sp.).  I enjoyed, Read More

Today was another excellent one for both weather and involvement out in the gardens.  I can’t stop photographing this Sunk Garden above as it has become my favorite (particularly in the morning).  I’ve been religious about going out an hour before work to take photos and also will meander through for an hour after, Read More

Today was another one with excellent weather although the temperatures are getting a bit chillier as we get closer to October.  This morning was another excellent time to take photos as the the dew puts on a “fresh patina” to the morning landscape.  I continue to photograph both the Barn Garden and Sunk Garden, Read More

It was a busy day at Great Dixter with the Dachshund Fun Day in full swing from 11 am until 3 pm. There were a lot of Dachchunds there today but also many other dogs.  I tried to get a count of dogs but as they were coming and going, it was tough to, Read More

I continue to enjoy my morning strolls out in the gardens as it is quite rewarding for not only photography but appreciating the sounds of wildlife.  I’ve observed that weekends can get quite busy around the gardens so after my morning tour, I decided to head out for a stroll on one of the, Read More

Today was absolutely beautiful with sunshine all day and temperatures around 68 degrees F.  It was perfect working weather and I didn’t even don the rain suit despite the heavy dew which is always significant!  I started my morning tour in the Exotic Garden and just love this Tetrapanax papyrifer (seen above), particularly from underneath, Read More

Today started with some drizzle but ended up being quite sunny this afternoon.  My full rain suit was on, then off, then on, then off, etc.  When I went out for my morning stroll though, it wasn’t raining at all and I caught more beautiful images.  Morning is my favorite time out in the, Read More

When I went to blog this evening for Day 10, I realized I never finished posting Day 9 from yesterday!?  I fell asleep with the computer on my lap and just never added the text I suppose.  Well yesterday was beautiful at Great Dixter and I had a great morning walk.  An early photographer, Read More

Today was a rainy one and even the folks here at Great Dixter mentioned that it was damp.  Above are the leaves of Melianthus major this morning (beautiful) and the local wildlife was out as well (see below).  My total rain suit came in handy today although I spent some of the day inside, Read More

Today was an exciting day as the highlight was attending a talk on the Exotic Garden by Fergus Garrett this morning after our morning clean-up duties.  Susan and Thies (other students) also attended the lecture portion of this study day.  While we didn’t go out with the other attendees to view the Exotic Garden, Read More