Well, three nights down and fourteen nights to go!  The Holiday Light Show (HLS) saw steady visitation over this past weekend and the 6-8″ of fluffy snow that arrived only made the show look better!  Special thanks go out to our snow removal crew yesterday that frantically removed 4″-5″ of snow a couple of, Read More

All the photos in this blog were taken by Marsha Mood who generously shared her images from our test nights over the past couple of weeks.  While we’re not sure how much of the recent snow will stay on the ground, the Holiday Light Show (HLS) is up and ready to go for opening, Read More

All of these images of our 2016 Holiday Light Show (HLS) were taken last night (November 30th).  There was a private event last night which utilized the show and I used this as another “pseudo” test night to check things over.  We’ve ironed out the problems and despite some drizzle, the HLS stayed on, Read More

I thought this photo above displayed an interesting convoy today with Kathy P. driving and Bobby K. holding on to a hand cart.  Safety is always top on our priorities!  We had a beautiful day today after a rainy one yesterday that delivered over 1.5″.  We could use the rain but it made fine tuning, Read More

We had a test night for the Holiday Light Show (HLS) this evening and it went great!  We were tweaking the show through the entire day with the help of John, Larry H., Cindy, Larry O. and Bobby K.  The test went well and we invite media representatives to this event as well.  We had, Read More

This is one of the few times I’ll only have one photo in the blog but I lacked the time today for more traditional photography.  Much of my efforts, along with many others, was tweaking the Holiday Light Show (HLS).  The vast majority of the show has been set-up over the last 12 weeks, Read More

I ran out of steam last night to finish the blog but all of these photos were from Friday.  The day was quite mild again although we had a period of rumbling thunder followed by a brief rain shower around 10 am.  The winds began to pick up steadily as the temperature dropped and, Read More

The temperature reached 70 degrees F today and it was delightful!  Even the morning was quite mild and we all took advantage of the weather to continue working on garden clean-up and final preparations for the Holiday Light Show (HLS).  I enjoyed likely my last day of 2016 wearing a t-shirt out in the, Read More

The weekend looks quite a bit colder with possible flurries!  That was far from our minds today with temperatures again near 60 degrees F.  Tomorrow should be near 70 degrees F!  Thank you Mother Nature.  Above is the South entrance to the Japanese garden.  The ‘Bloodgood’ Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) get very intense colors, Read More

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the weather was again beautiful!  The morning was chilly but the day warmed to 60 degrees F with plenty of sunshine.  I’m glad I had my camera with me all day as I ran cords so I could catch some great, late season color and, Read More