It was clear and cold today.  For those that religiously read this blog (and why wouldn’t you?), I’ve been sick most of the week so missed a couple days.  I’ll try to make up for it and today will share a nice fragrant shrub that should be blooming in about 100 days from, Read More

It was a nice sunny day outside and the recent 1″ layer of ice/snow was melting down here and there.  Both Big John and Larry headed out in the gardens to retrieve lights.  John had some indoor projects as well.  Ron P. was in to repair lights and Jim and Vern were working on, Read More

Today was actually quite pleasant with sunshine and temperatures ultimately getting above freezing.  Looks like we may have some sleet/snow later this afternoon but I’m not upset that we missed all the snow that they received out East.  My brother and his family received 24″ of snow in Scotch Plains, NJ and my two, Read More

Recent weather hasn’t been quite so cold and has allowed for staff and volunteers to get out in to the gardens for collecting lights from the Holiday Light Show (HLS).  John processed more lights inside and was later joined by Urban.  Peg came in and collected lights out in the gardens from a couple, Read More

The purple cow above was seen at the Purple Cow Organics ( booth at the 2016 Garden Center Symposium just west of Milwaukee, WI.  I’ve attended this event for many years and this is the third year that I’m a presenter at the conference.  My presentations always show ample photos of the gardens to, Read More

The arctic temperatures continued today so I thought I’d insert some “visual warmth” in to the blog today with lots of interesting succulents that prefer the temperature about 80 degrees F warmer!  More on these neat plants can be seen further below.  Big John and Larry H. jumped right in to processing lights for, Read More

The Janesville School District rarely cancels school but did so today due to some severely cold temperatures which will continue through tomorrow.  We should see a “warm up” later in the week but needless to say, the sub zero wind chill temperatures kept all of us inside today.  Last week the gang, in anticipation, Read More

Today also had mild weather although the extreme cold is set to return this weekend.  Our Holiday Light Show (HLS) retrieval team was out in full force today and lead by Big John and Larry H.  We also had Dick H., Urban, Peg and Vicki out there helping the fellas out.  We also saw, Read More

  Today was a balmy 40 degrees F which was quite a change from the previous couple of days.  The “warm up” allowed for some serious lights retrieval out in the gardens from the Holiday Light Show (HLS).  Big John and Larry H. headed right out and were later joined by Alan M., Peg, Read More

The weather continues to be chilly with my car thermometer reading a balmy 1 degree F this morning.  It looks like tomorrow will be significantly warmer which will allow us back out in the gardens for lights retrieval from the Holiday Light Show (HLS).  Larry H. continued processing lights this morning and has a, Read More