The weekend was almost balmy with daytime temperatures close to 60 degrees F.  Today is still warmer than usual but the snow arriving tonight and tomorrow will be our “reality check!”  We did have a nice turnout of volunteers though.  Big John, Terry and Larry H. headed out to bring in more elements of, Read More

One of my favorite, taller perennials for full sun is the ‘Henry Eilers’ sweet coneflower (Rudbeckia subtomentosa) seen in all of these photos.  This selection of the native species differs in that it has “quilled” petals that are rolled over and fused…creating a “tubular” look to these pinwheel shaped, 3″ wide blooms.  Sweet coneflower, Read More

We had another relatively mild day with temperatures well about freezing.  Big John and Larry continued work on the continued take down of the Holiday Light Show (HLS).  Marv B. later helped out with this process.  Ron P. continued repairing lights and both Alan and Ron R. headed out to start cutting back some, Read More

I’ve enjoyed growing this perennial for many years and photos like the one above will make any gardener appreciate the value of the late season coloration on these fanned, maple-like leaves of mukdenia (Mukdenia rossii ‘Karasuba’).  This coral bells (Heuchera) relative is native to rocky slopes and ravines in China, Manchuria and Korea.  Preferring, Read More

The weather continues to be mild which allowed Big John to head out and bring in more Holiday Light Show (HLS) cords, lights, etc.  We continue to process incoming HLS elements as the weather is helping us out right now and we like to have everything packed away neatly by mid March.  John also, Read More

While overcast today, the temperatures weren’t too bad with highs in the upper 30 degrees F. The warm up over this past weekend melted a lot of the ice that had entrapped our Holiday Light Show (HLS) cords and lights in many locations.  We had a good crew out there collecting in the gardens, Read More

Today, although breezy, was sunny and mild with a high temperature near 50 degrees F.  The thaw continues outside but created a pool of water on top of remaining ice which has made for very slick conditions.  Big John and Larry continued with various projects including the continuation of progress with taking down the, Read More

I started the day with a morning presentation at the Winter Workshop for the Wisconsin Nursery & Landscape Association (WNLA).  Their meeting was in Oconomowoc, WI and my presentation was on some of the new and exciting annuals, perennials and woody plants that are out there.  I saw some of our volunteers, Christy (UWEX), Read More