Today had the full spectrum of driving rain to sunshine.  The weather didn’t stop Larry H. and Peg from heading out for garden clean-up and mulching.  Lloyd was also out there to continue mulching the main parking lot islands.  Marv and Terry did some work out in the gardens which became quite damp quickly, Read More

Today was a bit on the chilly side with some scattered rain in the afternoon.   I think we have more rain tomorrow but after the sunshine yesterday, today was still a hint of late winter.  We will need those “April showers” regardless.  Above are (left to right), Nancy, Myrt, Gena and Patty.  The, Read More

We’re excited about our caladium (Caladium sp.) collection this year!  We hope to display over 50 varieties of this tropical aroid which is native to primarily South America.  There are various species of caladiums but most breeding efforts have funneled them in to two broad categories; fancy-leaved and strap/lance-leaved.  We’ve been growing more caladiums, Read More

It was a cool, sunny day out in the gardens with more evidence of color here and there.  The hellebores (Helleborus sp.) are opening up nicely as seen with the variety ‘Mellow Yellow’ above and some selections below.  Spring bulbs continue to emerge although there is also evidence of significant deer and rabbit damage, Read More

I had some presentations yesterday and travel conditions fluctuated between ok and bad.  I was watching the temperature alternate between 30 and 34 degrees F and noted quite a few cars off the road later in the afternoon.  With heavier snows further north, we were spared the worst of it but still had some, Read More

With the advancing rain/sleet/snow storm on the way, the weather was cool and cloudy with light rain started this morning.  Big John and Larry H. both had outdoor duties including more tidying, pruning and bed preparations.  Myrt, Nancy, Gena and Patty were in for some major painting on our entrance garden pyramids which have, Read More

Today was mild with overcast skies.  It looks the rest of the week will be colder with a significant chance of rain and possible wet snow later in the week.  We had some great volunteer help today.  Stan and Jim were out in the Japanese garden working on various projects.  Alan was in for, Read More

I finally was able to explore the garden today and saw signs of Spring everywhere!  I also saw a lot of deer tracks, deer poop, broken signs and the other traditional signals that winter is receding.  Despite the barren landscape above, this is our prairie which was burned quite nicely by the City of, Read More

While the use of kale (Brassica oleracea) as an ornamental isn’t new, I think many folks utilize this showy plant primarily late in the season because of intense colors and frost tolerance.  That is totally valid although kale can be a contributor in the summer garden as well.  Our front slope garden (2012) as, Read More