I was at work for a couple of hours this morning to make sure the Golden Kiwanis Tree Sale and our own Compost/Pansy/Daylily Division Sale got off to a good start.  Janice helped get things set-up and we appreciate the volunteer help of Joy, El, Barb and Peg for this event today. The Golden, Read More

We finally received some nice rain which has been missing us over the past week or two.  It was quite chilly though but we had plenty of cozy indoor projects to start the day.  Marsha M. shared her photo above of a very pink Virginia bluebell (Mertensia virginica) we noticed yesterday on our tour., Read More

On this cold and windy day, we had a warm feeling of appreciation after receiving a donation of the mower seen above (with our Bill O. sitting on it!).  This beautiful mower (delivered by CW Mowers) was generously donated by the Ariens company is a welcome addition to our fleet.  There were also representatives, Read More

The yellow magnolias like ‘Elizabeth’ (Magnolia hybrida) seen above are starting to bloom now and their “duration of interest” will be extended with the recently cooler weather.  Some evening temperatures will get close to 40 degrees F which at least isn’t freezing!  The gardens continue to explode with color and I can’t believe how, Read More

We had a bit of rain this morning but otherwise it was mostly sunny and quite warm.  Plants continue to emerge and bloom (including weeds!) and we see more color each day.  The framework of the “Giant Aquarium” (seen above) is complete but there are some other phases left until this structure is ready, Read More

Based on an idea from my pal Mike Maddox to do an “all purple” blog in memory of Prince, I have done just that.  Incidentally, these are all plants I also viewed last week at the California Spring Trials (CAST).  I was able to see Prince in concert twice and he was spectacular.  The, Read More

It appears that we’ll have rain later tonight and were rewarded with another partly sunny day!  The Virginia bluebells (Mertensia virginica) above were very happy with the day and responded accordingly by starting to open up beautifully.  We had an excellent day out in the gardens and also saw quite a few visitors as, Read More

We all came in expecting a rainy day with inside projects (of which there are many) but were rewarded with a nice, cool day with some sun and clouds.  The gardens are literally springing to life with plenty of color in evidence.  Above is the ‘Golden Lotus’ double hellebore (Helleborus sp.) which is always, Read More

Today was certainly cooler than yesterday and included overcast skies and some decent drizzle from time to time.  Things are greening up nicely out there including the notorious garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) seen above which actually stays green all winter under the snow.  We’ll target these soon as the second year plants (biennial) will, Read More

It was a hot day for April with temperatures reaching close to 83 degrees F.  It was warm out there although it looks like the remainder of the week will be more characteristic of April.  There are plenty signs of spring out in the gardens like the ‘Leonard Messel’ magnolia (Magnolia x loebneri) seen, Read More