Sorry for the belated post.  All of these photos are from adventures last Friday!  Janice, Big John and I went to the Ball Customer Day in West Chicago, Illinois.  The gardens back in Janesville were in good hands with Larry H., Terry, Cindy, Nolan and Trevor keeping an eye on things with volunteer help, Read More

This morning I told the crew to make sure they had all their watering done as the likelihood of rain was slight.  Then this little gem above showed up and dropped down a fierce 1.3″+ in rainfall.  The number of times I see a system like this move North, South or simply part around, Read More

Our Horticultural Therapy Symposium went very well today.  We had about 50 attendees (above) enjoy a wide range of lectures, demonstrations and break out sessions as well.  While it was hot out in the gardens, attendees had time to explore and it was amazing how many folks had not yet been to the gardens., Read More

If you haven’t visited the Giant Aquarium (seen above) yet, come check it out as our undersea growth is maturing and it’s looking pretty cool!  While we continue to deal with weeds and tidying, the recent rain has allowed us to focus less on frantic watering and more on the “fine tuning” around the, Read More

With recent heat and rainfall, the entrance garden is filling in nicely with our All-America Selections (AAS) theme.  Above is a portion of the entrance garden in front of the Parker Education Center.  The AAS organization is having their Summer Summit up in Madison, WI in about five weeks and we will feature this large AAS, Read More

Today looked like another hot one but clouds and the threat of rain moved in around the lunch hour which kept the gardens cooler than expected.  As I type this blog, the doppler radar is showing the showers narrowly missing Janesville to the south so we might be out of luck for precipitation.  Nice, Read More

Today ended up being a typical late July day with sunshine and temperatures reaching the upper 80 degrees F.  We focused on watering in the later portion of the day with plenty of other activity in the morning.  Above is a nice shot of our corner planter that is always well maintained by Hal, Read More

We had some rain on Sunday morning (3/4″) which helped keep the beds damp through today.  We’ll be back at watering in earnest tomorrow.  This week looks sunny and quite warm which will really get our plants growing!  Nice shot above of Meteor Shower® South American verbena (Verbena bonariensis) which is a real pollinator magnet, Read More

We had another excellent Home Garden Tour (HGT) on Saturday, July 16th which saw about 480 attendees enjoying eight special gardens around the Janesville area.  The weather was sunny and pleasant and everything went smoothly.  Event attendees seemed to enjoy the day and we had lots of positive comments about all of the gardens., Read More

Above is ‘Hot Lava’ hybrid coneflower (Echinacea hybrida) looking nice and bright on a cloudy and cool day.  We had about 30 minutes of drizzle (1/10″ of rain) this morning that was a surprise but the cool temperature created the perfect “working weather” and we saw lots of visitors enjoying a cooler day in the, Read More