Today was breezy and chilly but still unseasonably warm for the last day of October (Happy Halloween!).  We all took advantage of a nice day to get out in the gardens with a renewed focus on setting up the Holiday Light Show (HLS).  With only about three weeks to get everything finished up before, Read More

A wonderful person and volunteer passed away late last week.  We’ll miss Pat here at the gardens, particularly her spectacular smile.  Our condolences go out to her husband Pete, son Jesse and the rest of her family and friends.  Her obituary can be seen at  Included here are just some of the photos of, Read More

There was nothing casual about today!  We had a cool, windy day but the temperature was fairly comfortable.  LP Tree Service came with two bucket trucks for the second day in a row and finished hanging lights for our HLS.  The guys are excellent and have done this for many years….I now have to, Read More

Well, I forgot to finish my Thursday blog at home last night so here it is!  It has been crazy at work with preparations for the Holiday Light Show (HLS) and ending the gardening season.  I read in the newspaper yesterday that we may end up with one of the latest frost dates on, Read More

With today being a blistery and blustery deluge with dark skies, I thought some “blog color” would be in order.  All of these photos of monarchs were taken by Ken Tapp, a local photographer, who shares much of what he captures out in the gardens.  We have such great “volunteer” photographers like Ken, Marcia,, Read More

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t mind if frost has missed us thus far.  Mother Nature has dabbled with some evening temperatures near 34 degrees F over the last couple of weeks and despite some light frost on the turf, the “killing frost” has yet to appear.  The mornings are certainly cooler and we’re, Read More

Above (left to right) are Dave E., Larry, John, Bobby K. (crouching), Mark S., Alan M., Larry H., Dick H., Bob K. (#2) and Dwight.  Dwight is the owner of Sunset Acres Tree Farm ( near Stoughton, WI and he and his wife donated about 60 evergreen trees to our Holiday Light Show (HLS), Read More

Our last Volunteer Work Day of 2016 was very successful.  Our focus was bulb planting which went so well that we had time to shift to some leaf and debris clean-up after break.  We’re never quite sure how may volunteers we’ll have but they kept pouring in this morning and we had a great, Read More

It’s quite unlikely that the ‘Golden Delicious’ pineapple sage (Salvia elegans) seen above will look like this tomorrow with temperatures in the low 30 degrees F tonight.  The gardens still have lots of color but our removal of annuals continues in advance of the eventual frost that will put more closure to the season., Read More

While colder evening temperatures are arriving soon, there is still plenty of late season color.  Some annuals like this ‘Velvet Elvis’ lavender spurflower (Plectranthus hybrida) seen above are still going strong.  Temperatures around 34 degrees F tomorrow night might test the remainder of our annuals which are being removed in advance of a “killing, Read More