Today had weather consistent with what we have been receiving over the past couple of weeks with above average temperatures and ample sunshine.  Staff and volunteers all took advantage of the continued excellent weather and focused on gardening tasks and more Holiday Light Show (HLS) set-up.  We saw lots of visitors today and despite, Read More

Today was another beautiful one with ample sunshine and a crisp breeze.  We’re sure riding this wave of excellent weather for our late season clean-up and continued progress setting up the Holiday Light Show (HLS).  The gardens continue to exhibit beautiful and prolonged late season fall color and plenty of interest. Above is the, Read More

Today was another beautiful day with a chilly morning quickly warming to the lower 60 degrees F with some decent sunshine included in the mix!  While warming weather trends should be of concern, the reality is that this certainly makes our Holiday Light Show (HLS) set-up go more efficiently.  Morale on a warm, sunny, Read More

Our Fall Symposium went very well today with close to 160 attendees today.  Above are our other speakers, Kerry Ann Mendez and Edward Lyon.  All four or our presentations went well as did our silent auction with plants donated by Roy Klehm of Song Sparrow Nursery.  The weather was beautiful and attendees were able, Read More

The fog was heavy again this morning.  This black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) seen above looked “eerily cool” this morning in the driving range across from the Horticulture Center.  It was fairly chilly until noon and then it warmed up nicely and we saw quite a few folks out in the gardens.  It’s interesting to, Read More

Visibility this morning was minimal with some heavy fog in the area.  Once the fog lifted in mid-morning and the sun arrived, it was another lovely day in the upper 60 degrees F.  This weather, while of concern for being so mild, has been a blessing for late season gardening efforts and the continued, Read More

The day had a wet start with drizzle which turned to monsoon-like rain with some thunder and lightning for an hour or so.  We had some significant flooding in the garden and path washouts but most of the moisture drained off by the afternoon.  We had a very productive indoor morning with both staff, Read More

Today was absolutely beautiful and both Cindy and John had shorts on to enjoy the unseasonably awesome start to November.  Even the morning glories (Ipomoea purpurea) above continue to thrive.  We all took advantage of the day and even saw quite a few visitor admiring the gardens and our continued progress on the Holiday, Read More