Beautiful photo above from this morning looking up in to our tricolor European beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘Roseo-marginata’) near the gazebo garden.  It was an absolutely beautiful day out in the gardens with ample sunshine and temperatures in the lower 70 degrees F.  We had an aggressive day of planting and I was barely able, Read More

After a long weekend, today was a flurry of activity out in the garden with no shortage of duties such as weeding, watering, planting, removing bulb foliage and much more!  Neat shot above of the variegated Norway maple (Acer platanoides ‘Drummondii’).  Our grounds crew of Cindy, Nolan, Trevor, Janice, Big John and Bobby K., Read More

I came to work today thinking we would have a mostly rainy day.  I was delighted that we had sunshine and a fairly nice day until about 2 pm when the rain started.  We “squeaked out” a pretty good day out in the gardens which continue to look beautiful.  Above is the ‘Sweet Kate’, Read More

It’s been a whirlwind week, particularly the last day or so.  The two photos above and three below were shared by Maryam P. (thanks!) and show some of the action last night during our Wednesday evening planting.  We had a nice turnout and planted four garden beds including many of the plants in the, Read More

Post by Janice Peterson At the recent Spring Plant Sale at Rotary Botanical Gardens, I was discussing tomatoes with a couple of women. One told me she’d like to try several indeterminant varieties but didn’t have enough space. She complained that when she plants and cages just one tomato plant it takes over her, Read More

  Short blog today due to my falling asleep at the keyboard.  This is a result of a long day which included help from students (above and below) from the TAGOS Academy here in Janesville.  The students did a great job planting our coleus collection.  Later in the evening, we had our first planting, Read More

We had a productive morning and early afternoon although the threat of rain became a reality around 1 pm with some significant precipitation.  Nice shot of ‘New Moon’ globeflower (Trollius x cultorum) above before the rain.  I was able to place lots of plants out in the garden but unfortunately we cancelled our third, Read More

Post by Patrea Wilson. Despised by many American gardeners as a tenacious weed, purslane is not only edible, but exceptionally nutritious. It is high in Vitamin E and an essential omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Purslane provides six times more Vitamin E than spinach and seven times more beta carotene than carrots., Read More

Today was very productive despite some light drizzle we had later in the day.  The forecast looks damp for the next couple of days but we did finally see some sunshine today as well.  Neat photo above of the eye of the same Garden Art Project fish seen below.  This is one of 28, Read More

Today was pretty miserable from start to finish in terms of the weather.  It was cold and rainy most of the day with a chilly breeze.  We were able to get out in the gardens for a little bit but varying degrees of rain thwarted our efforts.  Members of the Janesville Area Herb Society, Read More