The first two of twenty-one nights of the Holiday Light Show (HLS) went very well with warm weather and strong attendance (3,100 on Friday and 2,500 on Saturday).  The HLS resumes for the public on Friday, December 8th.  This blog contains just a “teaser” of what you would see while walking through the gardens. , Read More

These first couple of blurry photos feature the Holiday Light Show (HLS) this evening during a moderate drizzle.  We are almost ready to rock and roll with the HLS and tonight was our own “pre-testing test night”…We had the lights on all day and Larry H., Bobby K. and I put the finishing touches, Read More

This morning was absolutely beautiful with hoar frost covering everything including the bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) above and spider web at the top!  The frost melted off quickly and we had a decent day for late season gardening, indoor projects and continued progress toward the completion of set-up for the Holiday Light Show (HLS)., Read More

We had a very cold start to this morning with temperatures around 15 degrees F.  It warmed up to a balmy 32 degrees F but at least there was very little wind and it was a nice sunny day.  The cold weather didn’t keep our volunteers from Oakhill Christian School (Janesville, WI) from coming, Read More

I came in this morning to 41 degrees F and declared that it “wasn’t so bad” outside today.  The grounds staff corrected my assessment and mentioned the dropping temperatures expected throughout the day.  Along with a frigid breeze, it ended up being a bit chilly out there after the lunch hour.  Nice shot above, Read More

Nice shot above of ‘Cheyenne Sky’ switch grass (Panicum virgatum) still showing some maroon highlights in the English cottage garden todau.  Well…we finally had our hard frost last night as evidenced by the turf seen above.  I was scraping my car windows this morning and any tropical plants still left out in the gardens, Read More

Today followed a familiar pattern with a chilly morning but a decent day warming up to the lower 40 degrees F.  Above is the fall color on a Korean maple (Acer pseudosieboldianum) at the east end of the gardens.  Fall color, on average, this year was ok but the maples were spectacular and many, Read More

Above is the record crowd of 130+ attendees at the Fall Symposium on this past rainy Saturday.  Our speakers (see below) of Brienne Arthur, Roy Diblik and myself all had presentations that revolved around creating a functional landscape.  Our silent auction went well and we appreciate all the donations from Roy Klehm of Song, Read More

The recent rains have been welcome and the timing has been perfect.  While it started raining at the end of the work day yesterday…the drizzle abated this morning in time for us to get right out in the gardens.  Today was fairly mild and we made continued progress with the Holiday Light Show (HLS), Read More

We continue to focus our efforts on getting the Holiday Light Show (HLS) up and ready to go for our opening evening in 23 short days on November 24th (Black Friday).  The top photo shows my little “trailer of fun” which I drive around daily.  We’ve actually been setting up the HLS since August, Read More