Are petunias overused and ubiquitous in the landscape? No.  I’m a huge fan of petunias and at Rotary Botanical Gardens, we plant about 20,000 every year.  Their range of colors, durability, heat tolerance and applicability in a wide range of situations (bed, border, container, etc.) is noteworthy and they should always be under consideration, Read More

While our successful and much enjoyed 2016 Holiday Light Show (HLS) is officially over, we still have some rental opportunities that will use the show to some degree or another.  The photo above was taken last week when we took down some perimeter lights in advance of the cold weather.  We’re poised to start, Read More

I’ve taken too long of a break from this Horticulture blog!  As our Holiday Light Show (HLS) finished up on December 30th, my efforts now shift to all of our 2017 plant ordering.  I still have about 50 seed catalogs to peruse but I always consider that task one of my favorites at RBG!, Read More