The photo directly above and directly below were taken from the roof of the Rath Environmental Center where I was running cords for the Holiday Light Show (HLS) as the “rooftop ninja” (although I have a healthy fear of heights!).  Above is ‘Fenway Gold’ Boston ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata) which will still turn a pinkish/orange, Read More

I love this time of year.  It was another cool start to the day but we all shed layers quickly as the sun came out and along with a light breeze, the day was beautiful and around 70 degrees F.  The arched bridge above is already festooned with lights for the Holiday Light Show, Read More

Cool shots above and below of one of our giant, 20′ obelisks being moved and positioned for decorating with LED lights and ultimately, situated out on the U.S.S. Ginger (our raft).  This is a neat feature of the Holiday Light Show (HLS) which continues to be a huge priority with only five weeks left, Read More

Today was a chilly start at around 39 degrees F but I’m pretty sure I saw some very light frost on low turf areas this morning.  The day became sunny and quite beautiful.  With the last of our outdoor weddings this past weekend, we are shifting towards removing our annuals in advance of heavier, Read More

I’ve been quite busy with a wide range of tasks so have become tardy with some blog postings.  This one is from yesterday which was a very productive day.  Nice shot above of our “Gothic theme” in front of the building which will be removed next week because of our bulb planting project (tulips!), Read More

We had a nice soaking of rain from last night through this morning.  The 1.5″ that came down steadily was the soaking rain we’ve been waiting for over the last six weeks.  The morning rain kept us inside for plenty of tasks that have accumulated and we ended up with a productive day out, Read More

I forgot to post this blog from Monday which was a busy day!  Above is Benjamin from Boerner Botanical Gardens (Hales Corners, WI) who visited us to grab some tropicals for use in their garden next year.  We like sharing and enjoyed having Benjamin at the gardens.  We continued work on our Holiday Light, Read More

On Friday I travelled north with the ultimate destination of the Wisconsin Dells where I was participating in a conference (two presentations later in the afternoon) through Saturday.  I stopped by to check out the Healing Garden at the Dean / St. Mary’s (SSM Health) just down the road from the gardens.  I have, Read More

It was another perfect October day today with sunshine and a high temperature around 74 degrees F.  The gardens continue to look exceptional with most of our annuals still looking good and our late season perennials, ornamental grasses and early fall color completing the autumn scene. Nice shot above of ‘Dark Opal’ basil (Ocimum, Read More

Nice shot above of ‘Alexander’s Great’ false forget-me-not (Brunnera macrophylla).  We finally had some rain over the evening.  It was fast and furious with some thunder but did bring us 4/10″ of much needed moisture!  The cooler temperatures today brought in some great volunteer help.  We still have quite a few visitors to the, Read More