Most of us came in today not expecting possible showers until this evening.  However, we had two bursts of rain this morning and everyone hightailed it back to the Horticulture Center for some indoor work.  Above are Marv and grandson Avery who also worked outside in the moss gardens which grandpa maintains.  We had, Read More

Today was another beautiful one and more plants went in the ground!  Nice shot above of ‘Taylor’s Sunburst’ lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) with bright yellow new growth on the “candles”.  We had another excellent day with lots of tasks accomplished and great progress with planting from some of our veteran volunteers.  Our grounds staff, Read More

I would be quite comfortable in a climate that had every day like today…a nice cool start to the morning…warming to 80 degrees F in the afternoon with a light breeze and some cloud cover.  Perfect!  Nice shot above of ‘Blue Ice’ hybrid bluestar (Amsonia hybrida) just starting to bloom.  Cottonwood (Populus deltoides) “seed, Read More

With staff help from Big John and Janice, we had an exceptional day of planting on a cool and productive morning.  Thanks to Hal, Doris, Alan, Elaine, Donna, Nicole, Kim, Jim, Carol, Mary, Gena, Dennis, Patti, Brian, Marleen, Kath, Connie, Maggie and her daughter, Kathy, Caryn, Mike, Tina, Dylan, Flannery, Tani, Barb, Leslie, Maureen,, Read More

It was a beautiful day with cooler temperatures and a nice breeze.  The photo directly above shows the heavy seeding that the female cottonwoods (Populus deltoides) have provided over the last couple of days.  With even a slight breeze, it is literally like “snow in summer.”  Our grounds staff of Cindy, Larry H., Alex,, Read More