It was another beautiful day with plenty of sunshine.  I’m not sure how much of the sun we’ll see over the coming days as there seems to be a pretty good chance of rain over the next four days.  Interesting flower of the ‘Dreadlocks’ amaranth (Amaranthus gangeticus) seen above blooming at about 7′ tall! , Read More

After missing some of the promised rain over the last two days, we had a significant overnight “soaker” of 2″ or so that dampened the gardens which were still wet from previous precipitation.  In this area though, we’ve had less rain than many locations just north and south of us where flooding issues still, Read More

Today was a muggy one outside and the threat of rain never became serious beyond some sprinkles.  We had a busy day at the gardens with the grounds staff of Cindy, Big John, Terry, Larry H., Alex, Ibhar and myself bouncing between projects.  This time of year is truly a juggling event with plant, Read More

This morning I was invited to a wonderful dedication at the Janesville Morning Rotary Club meeting at the gardens.  The group dedicated a cart that they donated to the gardens (seen above and below) in memory of Jim Ryan, longtime Rotary member and RBG supporter!  Many of Jim’s family came to the dedication and I, Read More

The blog title is in reference to the fact that the opening night (Black Friday) for our Holiday Light Show (HLS) is only 93 short days away and to that point, Larry H. started putting up lights today!  Today was one of our busier Wednesdays this year for both visitor influx and volunteer turnout! , Read More

Nice shots above and directly below of the Wellness Garden which continues to look exceptional with plenty of color!  We had a busy morning and then some drizzle and ultimately a heavy downpour arrived!  Our grounds staff of Cindy, Ibhar, Alex, Big John, Terry and I all had plenty of duties and tasks throughout, Read More

I haven’t blogged in awhile but we’ve had a busy week!  The gardens continue to show peak summer color and our visitation is still very strong.  The group seen above includes volunteers from Midway Village Museum (Rockford, IL) and staff member Brian (third from the left).  These folks maintain the period gardens on site, Read More

Nice textural shot above of curled parsley (Petroselinum crispum ‘Moss Curled II’) with ‘Hot Biscuits’ grain amaranth (Amaranthus cruentus).  We thought today would be a rain out but we watched rain go around us and materialize in other locations.  We hadn’t had any rain up to the point of typing this blog but should, Read More

Today was extremely busy out in the gardens despite the very quick “warm up” to 88 degrees F this afternoon!  It was nice to see so many visitors enjoying Community Appreciation Day at the gardens including many children.  It’s always nice to see a congested garden but we have to be careful getting through, Read More