We had a busy day today at the gardens after some heavy winds and pounding rain last night.  Larry H., Cindy and Alex headed out to tidy up the gardens right away and I wasn’t much help at all as I had meetings and a gig on Wisconsin Public Radio (Larry Meiller’s Show –, Read More

With the gardens at peak summer color, it’s rewarding to see so many visitors out in the gardens.  Today was very busy with a relatively full parking lot and lots of people throughout the gardens.  Above and and below are some photos of our color themes and collections looking pretty good.  Thankfully some recent, Read More

Our 4th Annual Horticultural Therapy Symposium went very well today and the weather was beautiful.  The 70 or so participants enjoyed a day of lectures, tours, hands on activities and demonstrations.  Thanks to our committee of Darcie, Janice, Cindy, Sue, Dr. Tom, Elaine, Sheri, Karen and Art for putting together a great program. Thanks, Read More

We had a partial grounds staff outing to Chicago today to get tours of Lurie Garden in Millennium Park and the park itself.  Unfortunately, we left Terry, Cindy and Alex behind but I’m sure they took care of everything and likely saw some rain too which caught up to us on the way home. , Read More

The last day for the Perennial Plant Association Annual Conference was a blast although we did have some rain and no sunshine to speak of throughout the day.  Today involved visiting five private gardens in the Raleigh, NC area and they were all exceptional.  It was a long day so in lieu of describing, Read More

Today was another long one but we again beat the odds with the rain missing most of our stops.  I didn’t have to open the umbrella all day but our bus went through some major rain throughout the day and flash flood warnings were issued with 2″ of rain pounding down in 2 hours! , Read More

Today was a blast.  It was a full day from start to finish with a morning trip out to Hoffman Nursery (John Hoffman directly above welcoming four bus loads of guests) which focuses on grasses and grass relatives in a VERY BIG way. Their nursery was huge, clean, well organized and the staff was, Read More