I first saw this colorful begonia (Begonia ‘Canary Wing’) in 2017 at the annual Customer Day at the trial gardens at Ball Seed Company in West Chicago, IL (Gardens at Ball).  It was like a magnetic beacon inviting closer inspection.  Even from a distance I actually said to myself (out loud)…”Is that a golden, Read More

My blogging has been a bit piecemeal over the last couple of months due to major involvement in helping set up and facilitate our Holiday Light Show (HLS) which has been running smoothly (with 12 nights to go!).  We’ve had a great year at the gardens and are formulating plans to celebrate our 30th, Read More

The Holiday Light Show (HLS) has been running nicely since opening night on November 23rd.  With only 12 more nights to go in December, consider checking it out and getting your tickets in advance (which make great gifts too!).  Check out our website for more details on this popular fundraising event.  The photos here, Read More