I’m finding that I’m transitioning to using my smart phone camera almost exclusively for photography in the gardens. After about 15 years of carrying around my Canon PowerShot camera (small, “point and shoot” style…), the convenience of having the phone ready to go has been nice. I wont totally abandon the old-fashioned camera approach, Read More

I haven’t blogged in a bit as I’ve been swamped with keeping up with the progress of our spring planting. The 63.5% estimate (regarding percentage of spring planting complete) is quite arbitrary but we are moving quickly to install our annuals and perennials over the coming weeks and have been going non-stop since mid-May., Read More

While I haven’t been blogging as frequently as usual due to spring exhaustion issues, the wonderful color out in the gardens hasn’t taken any time off! We’ve seen lots of visitors this week and the garden continues to progress in terms of planting, tidying and the progression of late spring color as we head, Read More

This morning was darn right chilly at about 45 degrees F. That reminds me more of May than June but the day did warm up after some late morning rain. We had a very productive day both inside and outside. Our grounds crew of Big John, Terry, Cindy, Sean, Larry and I all had, Read More

The rain held off today with the exception of a couple of light sprinkles here and there. The day was extremely productive with our grounds staff and volunteers “firing on all cylinders”! Terry, Larry, Big John, Brian, Sean and Chuck all had busy days with a wide range of tasks including weeding, mulching, composting,, Read More

We had some light drizzle this morning which later transformed in to a significant and pounding deluge. We accomplished quite a few indoor tasks and the grounds crew (Cindy, Larry H., Brian and Bobby K.) all had projects to contend with during the inclement weather. We did duck outside for some gardening but Mother, Read More

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind continuation of our whirlwind approach to spring planting, weeding and garden preparations. The cooler weather has continued along with some timely rainfall as we begin our serious planting season. Our volunteer planting evening on Wednesday night had 10 helpful volunteers along with John and myself., Read More

While the weather was primarily cool and overcast today, we had a remarkable turnout of volunteers helping out in the gardens throughout the day. Our break room was totally full and we saw lots of folks coming and going and working on a wide range of projects. I’ll likely miss a couple of folks, Read More

The weather held nicely today and we had a very successful volunteer planting Saturday at the gardens. With the threat of possible rain over the last 24 hours and some dampness on Friday, we were worried that we might have to cancel our scheduled workday but the forecast looked good this morning and the, Read More