While many of in in colder climates see plenty of white over the winter (usually!), the use of white in the garden can be extremely effective and deserves serious consideration.  Nice shot directly above of ‘Mount Everest’ ornamental onions (Allium) blooming in late May.  The top photo is the common (but beautiful) ‘Silverdust’ dusty, Read More

My blog posting today was inspired by two inputs on this chilly Sunday.  First of all, we need the punctuation of some color and the promise of spring to get us through this arctic blast and winter landscape (beautiful in its own right of course).  My second input was the fact that I’m still, Read More

With more dreary weather on the way, an examination and appreciation of orange is in order to “warm” things up.  Directly above is an orange theme (annuals) that we planted at RBG a couple of years ago.  It sure glowed and I love telling the story on how some visitors, after viewing this vivid, Read More

The top photo shows the gorgeous ‘Cherry Cream’ garden phlox (Phlox paniculata) and directly above is  Ka-Pow® Lavender garden phlox (Phlox paniculata ‘Balkapolav’).   On a very cold day after another 6″ of snow over the last two days, some summer color with garden phlox (Phlox paniculata) can only cheer us up!  Lots more information on, Read More

Today was extremely cold which confirmed that my decision to remove our 7″ of snow from the gardens this past Saturday (thanks Bill!) was prudent!  We all hunkered down in the Horticulture Center for a wide range of tasks including processing lights from the Holiday Light Show (HLS), painting, carpentry and much more!  Our, Read More

It looks like we have some snow on the way!  That didn’t stop a hearty turnout of volunteers (Urban, Kathy P., Dennis, Bill, Dave K. and Amy H.) from coming in to help out with Holiday Light Show (HLS) take down efforts and other duties.  Larry H. was out retrieving lights as well while, Read More

The take down and processing of the Holiday Light Show (HLS) is in full motion starting this week.  We had a couple of full show rentals after the New Year which is some nice additional revenue.  With the exception of turning on the lights around the building for some events later in the month,, Read More

I had a nice jaunt to Illinois and back over the last two days.  I was a speaker at the InVigorateU event in Bloomington-Normal, IL yesterday which was a lot of fun.  I presented on the topic of “Elements of a Healing Garden” and prominently featured the new Wellness Garden at RBG.  Ironically, the, Read More