I’m a huge fan of using lungworts (Pulmonaria sp.) in the garden and frequently recommend them for part shade and tough soils.  Native to Europe and West Asia, these perennials are in the Boraginaceae family and feature beautiful and colorful spring blooms.  Funnel-shaped flowers usually turn blue once the pink buds open although flower, Read More

I’ve always appreciated the value of smokebush (also called smoke tree) out in the landscape as a solidly performing woody plant with plenty of “curb appeal”.  This blog includes many photos of this plant that I’ve taken over the years and represents some of the fun selections that are available for the home gardener. , Read More

I’ve long admired the hummingbird mints (Agastache sp.) for their colorful and long lasting blooms throughout the summer.  Directly above and below is the variety Kudos™ ‘Coral’ (z5) and further below is a wide array of these fun plants ideally suited for the drier, full sun garden.  I haven’t included many of the blue, Read More

Today was another continuation of the early March cold spell at the gardens although the sun did come out and we’ll have some warming yet this week!  I delivered seeds to one of our growers this morning and have another delivery tomorrow.  Collectively, these seeds will result in over 100,000 plants for the gardens, Read More

I am a HUGE fan of the Sombrero® series of hybrid coneflowers (Echinacea) and have featured many of them in this blog (my photos).  The photo at the top is of Sombrero® Baja Burgundy (‘Balsombabur’) which has an exceptional color!  The bed seen directly above (located at The Gardens at Ball, West Chicago, IL), Read More

I’m only at work briefly today as I hit the road early to do another program for UW-Extension (Trends in Herbaceous Plants).  Many of the photos in this blog are not mine (indicated) but are included to offer the promise of spring.  At the top (not my photo) is a snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis) giving, Read More