The weather held nicely today and we had a very successful volunteer planting Saturday at the gardens. With the threat of possible rain over the last 24 hours and some dampness on Friday, we were worried that we might have to cancel our scheduled workday but the forecast looked good this morning and the, Read More

Today was beautifully sunny and warm with a temperature around 76 degrees F. I think we are beyond the chance of overnight frost which has been a concern over the last couple of weeks. It was another very busy day with grounds staff and volunteers involved with myriad tasks. We made two more trips, Read More

It was a beautiful day today with ample sunshine and some decent warmth after a chilly weekend. With our Spring Plant Sale over, we had some community gardens come and grab some surplus veggies to grow and share which is always nice as ultimately the produce goes to a great cause. Our grounds staff, Read More

Today was quite busy out in the gardens and at the Horticulture Center. There was no shortage of color out in the gardens as seen in this blog today. Our Spring Plant Sale clearance was also today after a busy weekend and we saw some steady (but light) traffic. With the sale now concluded,, Read More

Today was insanely busy at the gardens with our first day of the Spring Plant Sale open for the public (9 am until 6 pm). It runs tomorrow from 8 am until 5 pm and on Sunday from 10 am until 4 pm. Our Members Only Preview last night (4:30 pm – 7:30 pm), Read More

Today was insanely busy but we had our grounds staff and volunteers in full motion. We all dodged raindrops today and while it never really warmed up, everyone experienced extended and repeated dampness! We had a great tagging crew (see below) of Tina, Becky, Edie, Olive, Karen, Gerrie, Kath, Eva, Kathy, Shirley, Gene, Lucy,, Read More

We had a very productive Tuesday at the gardens with much of our activity focused on taking advantage of the decent weather before rain arrives over the coming days. With final preparations in full swing for our Spring Plant Sale this weekend (see our website for details), there is much to do both in, Read More

The rain has settled in nicely this week although today was surprisingly dry and thereby productive out in the gardens! Evergreen Irrigation (Rockford, IL) was here for a second day getting our system up and running and repairing broken lines and sprinkler heads. Our aging system out there needs lots of TLC and the, Read More