Short blog today due to my falling asleep at the keyboard.  This is a result of a long day which included help from students (above and below) from the TAGOS Academy here in Janesville.  The students did a great job planting our coleus collection.  Later in the evening, we had our first planting, Read More

We had a productive morning and early afternoon although the threat of rain became a reality around 1 pm with some significant precipitation.  Nice shot of ‘New Moon’ globeflower (Trollius x cultorum) above before the rain.  I was able to place lots of plants out in the garden but unfortunately we cancelled our third, Read More

Today was very productive despite some light drizzle we had later in the day.  The forecast looks damp for the next couple of days but we did finally see some sunshine today as well.  Neat photo above of the eye of the same Garden Art Project fish seen below.  This is one of 28, Read More

Today was pretty miserable from start to finish in terms of the weather.  It was cold and rainy most of the day with a chilly breeze.  We were able to get out in the gardens for a little bit but varying degrees of rain thwarted our efforts.  Members of the Janesville Area Herb Society, Read More

The last 24 hours have been interesting!  Last night we had Dr. Charles Mortensen facilitate a presentation and demonstration on bonsai with the help of his lovely wife, Helen.  We had a nice crowd and enjoyed learning about the interesting history of bonsai and may of the basics for planting, training and maintaining these, Read More

After working yesterday morning, I headed up north with the ultimate destination visiting my old stomping grounds of Little Chute, WI (near Appleton).  My first job out of college (1993) was at the Vande Hey Company, Inc. working in their garden center and doing smaller scaled landscape designs.  They asked me to do a presentation, Read More

Today was our Spring Plant Sale Clearance which saw some action but the crowds were never overwhelming.  A big thanks to Tina, Marleen, El and Joy who ran the sale today as the rest of us headed in to the gardens on this beautiful spring day.  Nice shot above of ‘Blue Danube’ wild hyacinth, Read More

The Spring Plant Sale today went well with a strong turnout throughout the day.  The weather was perfect after some light sprinkles disappeared and we had sunshine and temperatures in the upper 70 degrees F.  Our volunteers did a wonderful job as usual and we’ll hope for another strong day tomorrow.  These photos highlight, Read More

The first official day of the Spring Plant Sale for the public started promptly at 9 am today.  The Golden Kiwanis Tree Sale was also occurring today (8 am – 4 pm) and both sales saw steady traffic.  Above are just some of the basils (Ocimum basilicum) still available at the sale.  We should, Read More

  I’ve dozed off a dozen times trying to finish this blog as it was a LONG (but fun) day!  In a nutshell, our Members Only Pre-Sale evening at the Spring Plant Sale went wonderfully!  We had a solid turnout with plenty of of conversation and purchases.  Our volunteers did a great job and, Read More