Today was absolutely beautiful with a combination of sun and clouds, a cool breeze and temperatures right around 75 degrees F.  While it was more reminiscent of later September, we didn’t complain and to have another day without rain is welcome so the gardens will actually dry out a bit.  Nice shot above of, Read More

Nice shot above of ‘Supreme Cantaloupe’ coneflower (Echinacea sp.) seen near the Heirloom Garden this morning.  Our summer blooming flowers are really hitting stride right now and recent heat, coupled with more than adequate moisture, has everything growing pretty well this week (including the mosquito population).  More rain is predicted throughout the week but, Read More

It was a beautifully sunny day today and the rain over the weekend has kept everything damp…in some cases, overly so.  The weeping willow (Salix) directly above hasn’t minded all the moisture but some plants are resenting being perpetually damp and combined with some cool overnight temperatures, fungal issues abound! There is sure a, Read More

This past Saturday, July 15th, was a beautiful day for the 23rd Annual Rotary Botanical Gardens Home Garden Tour.  With ample sunshine and temperatures in the upper 70 degrees F, we saw over 400 attendees descend upon eight lovely gardens and RBG as well.  These photos don’t due the gardens justice but give a, Read More

Nice shot above of the Heirloom Garden which has filled in nicely over the past couple of weeks!  With all the recent rains, our concerns haven’t been about irrigation or watering but have shifted to potential problems of too much water (fungal issues, rotting, flooding, etc.)!  We had a very mild day today with, Read More

We had another 3″ of rain this morning with much of it coming down fast and furious.  The retention pond above (at the Horticulture Center) filled very quickly (that’s why it’s there) and thankfully the water level didn’t get much higher than this.  The gardens are still wet from other recent rains so this, Read More

Nice shot above of ‘Vanity’ speckled red maple (Acer rubrum) showing some nice coloration.  We had significant rain over the evening including some thunderstorms and heavy precipitation.  Our first order of business was, of course, to clean up debris, repair path washouts and tidy up where needed.  We had some great volunteer assistance and, Read More

The Home Garden Tour is coming up soon on Saturday, July 15th from 9 am until 3 pm (rain or shine).  Eight wonderful home gardens in the Janesville area will be featured and Rotary Botanical Gardens is the ninth stop for those that might be interested.  Tickets are already on sale at K&W Greenery, Read More

Today was more typical of what we expect for weather in July.  After a comfortable start to the day, the temperature heated up quickly on this partly sunny day to about 88 degrees F with high humidity.  It was pretty brutal but ultimately, this is the heat we have been lacking for our tropicals, Read More

Happy early 4th of July!  After a weekend of beautiful weather (and lots of garden visitors!), today started with some light rain but the sun came out quickly and the day warmed to 83 degrees F.  We had a solid turnout of both grounds staff and volunteers today as we get ready for a, Read More