It was another hot day although the gardens are growing beautifully with all the recent rain and now some welcome summer heat. Unfortunately the weeds have matched or in some cases, outmatched, the growth rate of our desired plantings!  Nice shot above of ‘Charlotte’ variegated speedwell (Veronica longifolia) which is a nice full sun, Read More

All of the photos in this blog today are from my adventures this past weekend in the Holland, Michigan area.  I attended our regional meeting for the Garden Writers Association (GWA) and traveled over to MI with Ed Lyon (former Executive Director at RBG) and Jessie L.  Ed is currently the Executive Director at, Read More

I find I’ve been using the camera on my smart phone as much as my “point and click” camera that I carry around as well.  These blog photos are all from my phone camera which captures some fun images in high resolution.  The ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) shot above was at my home last week, Read More

One of our excellent volunteers, Shirley Stekel, passed away recently and she will be missed greatly here at the gardens.  In the photo directly above, Shirley is the third from the left and is with many of our past and present RBG Volunteer Educators.  I’ve included her obituary from the Janesville Gazette below which, Read More

It was an overcast and cool day and the previous dampness from rainfall extended throughout the day.  This is always nice as we don’t have to worry as much about watering although high temperatures near 70 degrees F today are quite a bit under average. Nice shot above of New Vintage™ Rose yarrow (Achillea millefolium ‘Balvinrose’), Read More

I was outside most of today and can comfortably (or uncomfortably!) state that it was one of the most hot and miserable days I’ve ever experienced.  The heat index was around 100 degrees F but the heavy humidity was described as “soupy” by local weather stations. UGH!  Nice shot above of ‘Claude Shride’ Martagon, Read More

We had our fifth of five sequential Saturday Volunteer Planting Days (8 am – 12 noon) today.  It became quite muggy quickly and the area surrounding the gardens was packed (as was our parking lot) with participants for the Annual Pie Ride (hosted by the Morning Rotary Club).  This involved A LOT of folks, Read More

With a warm weekend on the horizon, I had hoped our 40% chance of rain would work out this morning and it was perfect!  We had a steady drizzle for about an hour which took care of many of our watering concerns for the day.  It was very timely too as the weekend temperatures, Read More

Nice shot directly above of the Plants of the World Collection (POTW) which features select plants from thirteen different countries.  Great job Janice and Patrea for all the research and development on this collection and special thanks to our volunteers from the Chestnut House as well as Dr. Tom and Dr. Mike for all, Read More

Nice shot directly above of spiderwort (Tradescantia sp.) which is blooming prolifically throughout the gardens…primarily due to it reseeding around here and there!  It is beautiful though.  To say it was a crazy day is an understatement.  We had a entire slew of volunteers in today working on a wide range of projects including, Read More