We’re only a couple of weeks away from this deciduous, woody shrub offering fragrant white blossoms in the earliest of spring.  Native to China, the fragrant white viburnum (Viburnum farreri ‘Candidissimum’) is covered with flat topped, white, dome-shaped bloom clusters that have a prominent, “sweetly spicy” scent that is quite noticeable.  Early pollinators will, Read More

Due to some recent vehicle issues I had to spend the day on the road heading 2.5 hours in one direction to come back 2.5 hours in the other… In between though, I stopped by Olbrich Botanical Gardens (Madison, WI) and took in their Under the Sea Flower Show.  It was exceptional!  I encourage, Read More

It was an overcast and cool day at the gardens but we had a nice turnout of both staff and volunteers.  Larry H. continued taking down the Holiday Light Show (HLS) and we are on track to have that event packed away by the end of the month.  The grounds staff and select volunteers, Read More

While the spring blooming ornamental onions (Allium sp.) haven’t quite yet emerged from the ground and are months away from blooming, there are some ways to extend what would normally be about three weeks of bloom time for each of these features selections..  All of the photos in this blog are summer shots with, Read More

While these spring-blooming windflowers (Anemone blanda) are still weeks away from blooming, their bright coloration now in photos will give us a hint of spring yet to come!  Also called Grecian windflowers, these fall planted bulbs (actually tuberous rhizomes) will emerge early in April with 2″ wide blossoms opening up quickly at a height, Read More

It was another nice sunny day today.  We saw Dennis, Kathy P., Cindy, Bill O., Maury, Larry H., Amy H. and Peg today.  The weather was nice for some gardening efforts and continued efforts on taking down elements of the Holiday Light Show (HLS).  I’m frantically finishing spring ordering and getting ready for lots, Read More

I was at RBG this morning for more focus on spring ordering and organizing the seeds for our growers.  I had a meeting in Madison so went up early to tour Olbrich Botanical Garden which is beautiful any day of the year.  It was a bit early to see anything blooming and remnants of, Read More

I’ve always enjoyed seeing snowdrops (Galanthus sp.) bloom in late winter and early spring.  Some might argue that the brighter coloration of early bulbs like crocus, winter aconite, Siberian squill and others are more pleasing to the eye after a hard winter but the crisp white of snowdrops is just as engaging (and welcome!), Read More

Today was beautiful and sunny with temperatures getting up in to the upper 40 degree F!  It is quite spring like and most of the remaining ice and snow should melt off quickly with the warm week and mid week showers .  I did see some snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) poking out of the soil, Read More

I know I’ve blogged about this topic in the past.  However, this “revisit” of the topic showcases some more recent uses (and photos) of these “industrial style”, vertical planting opportunities.  It’s important to mention that our reason for using this was not only to showcase plants growing out of them but to feature the culvert, Read More