If I had typed this blog earlier in the day, I would have lamented about the lack of rainfall we’ve had over the last 10 days or so but rain this evening (as I type) and the strong chance of more showers this weekend, has alleviated some of my concerns.  We did water all, Read More

After a mildly cool morning, the day warmed up and this week is seeing consistent high temperatures near 90 degrees F.  Nice shot above of ‘Dark Opal’ basil (Ocimum basilicum).  As has been the case this week, watering became a priority and I had irrigation going most of the morning until the garden saw, Read More

Today warmed up quickly and became another quick scorcher.  We focused a lot on watering today as we’ve not had adequate rainfall in about a week or so.  Nice shot above of ‘Banana Boat’ Japanese sedge (Carex siderosticha) looking good in the shade garden.  Our grounds staff of Shania, Alex, Big John, Larry H., Read More

  It was a sunny and mild day (76 degrees F!) with a nice breeze.  It was also a very busy day at the gardens with oodles of visitors, tours and 40 kids coming to the gardens from the Harrison Elementary Summer School program for some volunteer work and a tour.  The kids were, Read More

Today was another hot one although rain later in the day cooled things down.  Nice shot above of popcorn cassia (Cassia didymotrya) filling in nicely.  Rubbing the top buds of that flower and taking a sniff reveals the scent of popcorn (some say peanut butter..!?).  We have about 150 of these scattered throughout the, Read More

It was another hot day although the gardens are growing beautifully with all the recent rain and now some welcome summer heat. Unfortunately the weeds have matched or in some cases, outmatched, the growth rate of our desired plantings!  Nice shot above of ‘Charlotte’ variegated speedwell (Veronica longifolia) which is a nice full sun, Read More

All of the photos in this blog today are from my adventures this past weekend in the Holland, Michigan area.  I attended our regional meeting for the Garden Writers Association (GWA) and traveled over to MI with Ed Lyon (former Executive Director at RBG) and Jessie L.  Ed is currently the Executive Director at, Read More

I find I’ve been using the camera on my smart phone as much as my “point and click” camera that I carry around as well.  These blog photos are all from my phone camera which captures some fun images in high resolution.  The ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) shot above was at my home last week, Read More

One of our excellent volunteers, Shirley Stekel, passed away recently and she will be missed greatly here at the gardens.  In the photo directly above, Shirley is the third from the left and is with many of our past and present RBG Volunteer Educators.  I’ve included her obituary from the Janesville Gazette below which, Read More

It was an overcast and cool day and the previous dampness from rainfall extended throughout the day.  This is always nice as we don’t have to worry as much about watering although high temperatures near 70 degrees F today are quite a bit under average. Nice shot above of New Vintage™ Rose yarrow (Achillea millefolium ‘Balvinrose’), Read More