Today was overcast with some drizzle to start the morning but the sun appeared briefly later in the day.  While it was a breezy and cool day, it was quite pleasant to be out in the gardens.  Nice shot of ‘Dark Beauty’ toadlily (Tricyrtis formosana) blooming here in the woodland walk garden.  We had a, Read More

While the morning was extremely chilly, the day warmed up over 50 degrees F but the wind was substantial all day.  These photos are all from Cindy (thanks Cindy!) who observed the annual set-up of one of our larger obelisks (20″) on a raft (named “Ginger”).  Larry H., Bobby K., Alex, Big John and, Read More

The photo above and below are not at Rotary Botanical Gardens but were taking yesterday in the Healing Garden at SSM St Mary’s Hospital here in Janesville.  These are seven-son flowers (Heptacodium miconioides) which are a neat woody plant (small tree) that already bloomed white (and fragrant!) in September and the pink you see, Read More

I don’t like heights or going up ladders at all.  However, I had to contend with my fear of heights yesterday and get on the roof of the Parker Education Center to run some cords for the Holiday Light Show (HLS).  We actually have roof outlets associated with our heating and cooling units that, Read More

We’re now 2 for 2 for awesome days this week that we thought would be rainy!  It was another nice sunny day with a temperature near 80 degrees F.  Nice shot above of ‘Fireball’ marigold (Tagetes patula) with such a great shade of reddish orange.  It was nice to see so many visitors enjoying, Read More

With more rain overnight Sunday and a drizzly start this morning, I thought we would have a rainy day and lose some momentum.  We ended up with a warm and sunny day in short order and were able to get outside for a very productive day in a damp garden!  Nice shot above of, Read More

While the day started out chilly and breezy, we ended up with a classic autumn day with sunshine, blue skies and temperatures ultimately around 60 degrees F.  The forecast looks like there is a chance of rain over the entire next eight days which is a bummer!  We’ll see what happens.  We had a, Read More

It was a warm and windy day today and when the temperature reached 85 degrees F, we all had flashbacks to warmer summer months.  Nice shot above of the raised beds in the new Wellness Garden.  There was lots of progress today on Holiday Light Show (HLS) set-up by Larry H., Big John and, Read More

Nice shot above of Zahara™ double fire zinnia (Zinnia marylandica ‘Pas553645′) still going the distance.  Although the forecast didn’t include rain today, there was a heavy mist for a couple of hours this morning on this overcast day that never saw the sun.  While the gardens are saturated after all of the recent rain, there, Read More

Nice shot above of ‘Bronze Pink’ copperleaf (Acalypha wilkesiana) which has exceeded my expectations for both height and beauty.  Most copperleafs we’ve planted get 18-24″ but these are over 48″ tall!  It was cool and cloudy today and it looks like some very low temperatures tonight near 34 degrees F!  We hit the ground, Read More