Youth & Family Activities

Story & Stroll

A one-hour event, geared towards children ages 2-6 years old and their caregivers. This event is limited to 50 children. Children will be grouped into two sections of 25 children total. Grouping is done on a first come-first served basis. Spots are unable to be held for those who are not on-site. Check-in for this event begins at 9:30 a.m.

Cost: $3 per child, age 2-6, $2 for caregivers and those 7 and older; cost includes activities, admission to Rotary Botanical Gardens and a take home project.

Please note: Refunds are not available for this program. Those who attend Story & Stroll are welcome to enjoy the Gardens after the event is over. Children must be monitored at all times. Inappropriate or destructive behavior will result in immediate removal from the program. Please be sure to dress children for the weather! Thank you!

How does Story & Stroll Work? View our Story & Stroll FAQ.

Questions? Contact Education Department via email

Giant Aquarium

This fun structure looks like a large aquarium with blue sides and two access doors to allow visitors to enter a make-believe, underwater display. It features live plants coming out of a sandy “sea floor” as well as hanging fish and other aquatic creatures. In essence, once people enter this aquarium structure, we want them to feel like they are having an underwater sea adventure. Educational initiatives will focus on the importance of plants in our aquatic, fresh water environments. Our 2018 StoryWalk book, The Frightened Frog, will be displayed within the Aquarium. Visitors will be directed along a boardwalk from one door to the other (one way traffic). The Giant Aquarium will be built to a size of 500 square feet (16’ wide by 32 long and 10’ tall). If this space could be filled with water, it could contain 38,300 gallons! (All ages, June through October).

Pixie Spy Packs

Families are transformed into Nature explorers while using RBG’s Self-guided Garden Adventure Backpack! Check out a Pixie Pack through the Cottage Garden Gallery Gift Shop at no additional charge. Enjoy I Spy games, a scavenger hunt and more! Pixie Packs are geared for children ages 3 through 7 however kids of all ages can use their imaginations and critical thinking skills as they wander and study the Gardens like never before.

Garden Art  Exhibit


Returning for a ninth year, the Garden Art Project Exhibit will be composed of 30 large frog silhouettes, mounted on a garden post. The Exhibit opens Mother’s Day Weekend and concludes in early September. and sold at a live auction on Thursday, September 13. This project helps to promote community participation and artist collaboration at RBG. This Project is open to enthusiastic people of all skill levels, we encourage you to artistically interpret a fun and creative design! If you are interested in participating in this Exhibit, please email