2018 Speciality Gardens

New This Year

Many existing Gardens and programs have been updated for the 2018 season, read on to find out what we have in store for you this year at Rotary Botanical Gardens!

A Pastel Extravaganza: The Entrance and Terrace Gardens

For the 2018  gardening season, you will find a “Pastel Extravaganza” in this 5,000 sq. ft. of space that serves as the “first impression” as you arrive at the Gardens. This color combination will be in the pastel range, featuring salmon, pink, powder blue and white. The Terrace Garden features a patio, complete with tables, chairs, and umbrellas, where you are welcome to sit and enjoy a picnic in the surrounding beauty.

2018 StoryWalk

In 2018, the StoryWalk will be feature the book, The Frightened Frog, an Environmental Tale, written by Brenda Moore, Jean Ohlmann, National Garden Clubs, Inc.; Illustrated by Emily Lackey.This program is in partnership with Hedberg Public Library’s Children’s Room. From June through October, those who visit the Gardens will find this book on display in the Giant Aquarium (see below). The book will be featured on podiums at children’s level for easy viewing and reading. Children and their caregivers are encouraged to explore the Aquarium Garden, reading this book as they go along.

The StoryWalk Kick-Off Date is Wednesday, June 13, 2018, from

11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Enjoy FREE Garden admission, children’s activities and more.

Giant Aquarium (Open June – October)

This fun structure looks like a large aquarium with blue sides and two access doors to allow visitors to enter a make-believe, underwater display. It features live plants coming out of a sandy “sea floor” as well as hanging fish and other aquatic creatures. In essence, once people enter this aquarium structure, we want them to feel like they are having an underwater sea adventure. Educational initiatives will focus on the importance of plants in our aquatic, fresh water environments. Our 2018 StoryWalk book, The Frightened Frog, will be displayed within the Aquarium. Visitors will be directed along a boardwalk from one door to the other (one way traffic). The Giant Aquarium will be built to a size of 500 square feet (16’ wide by 32 long and 10’ tall). If this space could be filled with water, it could contain 38,300 gallons! (All ages, June through October).

The Reception Garden

The Reception Garden will become a white garden, featuring hints of blue. Over 100 varieties of plants will be featured throughout the Gardens as part of our trialing arrangements with various companies and organizations. Plants along the larch wall raised bed will include herbs and edible plantings. Over 750 varieties of annuals will be planted (that’s over 125,000 plants!)

Garden Art Project Exhibit

Returning for a ninth year, the Garden Art Project Exhibit will be composed of 30 large frog silhouettes, mounted on a garden post. The Exhibit opens Mother’s Day Weekend and concludes in early September. and sold at a live auction on Thursday, September 13. This project helps to promote community participation and artist collaboration at RBG. This Project is open to enthusiastic people of all skill levels, we encourage you to artistically interpret a fun and creative design! If you are interested in participating in this Exhibit, please email info@rotarygardens.org.

Plants of the World

Thirteen parallel beds will be home to plants from around the world. Each bed will display flowers, vegetables and herbs from a specific country. All plants will have an informative sign describing the plant and some facts about the use of that plant in that country/culture. There will be over 150 different plants from around the world represented in this popular garden space.

A-Z Pollinator Garden -The Nancy Yahr Memorial Children’s Garden

Replacing Humming Bird Haven will be a fantastic A-Z Pollinator Garden. This colorful and lively space, features over 100 varieties of plants for pollinators. We will be including an “alphabet approach” to the selection and placement of plants in this space and educate all visitors about the importance of providing plants for pollinators. We will maximize the appeal and value of this colorful space using signs and labels.

New Guinea Impatiens Collection – Demonstration Beds

Our three demonstration beds will display a wide range of seed grown New Guinea impatiens selections. This partly shaded space is ideal for displaying this durable annual. The focus on easily obtained seed grown selections will be augmented with signage.

 For questions, suggestions, or more information,

please email info@rotarygardens.org