2019 Specialty Gardens

If you’ve visited the Gardens before…

you’ve never seen them like this!

The Entrance and Terrace Gardens

In 2019, we will be exploring a “kaleidoscope of color” in both the entrance garden and terrace garden.  Look for bright colors with plenty of interest from both foliage and flowers.  Bold tropical will add depth to this space which will feature a wide range of vivid colors represented by over 50 types of seasonal plants.

The Reception Garden

This garden will again feature a combination of plants that emphasize the cooling colors of blue and silver. Augmenting existing perennials, over 20,000 annuals will be installed in this space with heavy proportion representing white and silver. Blue salvias will be prominent so look out for hummingbirds throughout this garden and note both the Druid sculpture and the archway to the old Parker Pen World Headquarters (Janesville, WI).

In 2019 we bring you new: color pallets, themes, the Wellness Garden, and more!

The Sunken Garden

The sunken garden will be awash with color from a flowing combination of both annuals and perennials. Large drifts of perennials will over color and texture with annuals offering lengthy and colorful augmentation to a garden space popular for weddings and other events. 10 large containers will also offer color in the space that was previously an old BMX bike track!

Plants of the World Collection

Back by popular demand, this garden space will feature plants from around the world. 13 planted beds will each showcase plants from a certain country. All selections will have an informative sign and a wide range of perennials, annuals, herbs and vegetables will be on display in this popular garden space.

Nancy Yahr Memorial Children’s Garden

The children’s garden will feature plants for pollinators with a huge focus on bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Over 100 different types of colorful plants will be combined to form a beautiful garden that also functions as a concentrated source of pollen and nectar for wildlife.

Begonia Collection – Demonstration Beds – 2019

The three demonstration beds will display over 30 different selections of hybrid begonias. Developments and breeding in begonias has created some excellent selections that tolerate both sun and shade and have increased vigor. These selections represent some of the newest opportunities in durable begonias for the home garden.

Rotary Botanical Gardens: Enriching lives through beauty, education, and the arts

StoryWalk in partnership with the Hedberg Public Library

This year’s StoryWalk featured book is Rainbow Fish ​Finds His Way by Marcus Pfister. From June – October, those who visit the Gardens will find this book on display near the Giant Aquarium (see below). The StoryWalk is an outdoor exhibit so you may enjoy a garden stroll and story with your little one as you read this sweet tale.

Giant Aquarium (Open June – October)

This fun structure looks like a large aquarium with blue sides and two access doors to allow visitors to enter a make-believe, underwater display. It features live plants coming out of a sandy “sea floor” as well as hanging fish and other aquatic creatures. In essence, once people enter this aquarium structure, we want them to feel like they are having an underwater sea adventure.  Our 2019 StoryWalk book, Rainbow Fish ​Finds His Way by Marcus Pfister, will be displayed ​in and around the Aquarium. Visitors will be directed along a boardwalk from one door to the other (one way traffic). The Giant Aquarium​ is  ​5,120 ​cubic feet (16 ft wide by 32 ft long and 10 ft tall). If this space could be filled with water, it could contain 38,300 gallons!

Garden Art Project Exhibit

Returning for the tenth year, the Garden Art Project Exhibit will be composed of 30 large dragonfly silhouettes, mounted on a garden post. The Exhibit opens May 10 and concludes in early September. and sold at a live auction on Thursday, September 19. This project helps to promote community participation and artist collaboration at RBG. This Project is open to enthusiastic people of all skill levels, we encourage you to artistically interpret a fun and creative design! If you are interested in participating in this Exhibit next year, please email events@rotarygardens.org.

 For questions, suggestions, or more information,

please email info@rotarygardens.org