Garden memorials are the perfect way to keep a historical timeline and to create a lasting legacy – a legacy to be visited and enjoyed within the splendid botanical landscape. They are also a wonderful way to support RBG. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, RBG receives no tax dollar support.  Your support ensures we maintain and grow this beautiful horticultural facility, while fulfilling our mission of Enriching lives through natural beauty, education and the arts. 

In addition to the memorial options shown below, naming opportunities for major gardens, events and special projects are also available.

  • Vision and mission achievement through general contributions of any amount to the annual operating fund
  • Garden development improvements recognized with a plaque or plate beginning at $5,000
  • Pedestal/urn planting containers (4) at the North Point Garden($4,000 each), recognition with a bronze plaque
  • Custom-made cedar benches with a 3” x 8” bronze plate on the back of the bench with memorial; 6’ and 8’ benches available
  • Planting containers (4) in the ‘Dialogue’ sculpture patio areas ($2,000 each), recognition through a brass plate attached with memorial
  • Planting containers (6) in the North Point Garden ($2,000 each), recognition through a brass plate attached with memorial
  • Memorial trees for $1,000 each

For more information about garden memorials, please call 608.314.8407 or email

Personalized Bricks

Personalize an engraved brick to commemorate a loved one or celebrate a special occasion. Brick donations also help to grow and sustain the beauty enjoyed at Rotary Botanical Gardens. Download the brochure.

Small brick (4”x8”) – $150

  • 2 lines max. with 12 characters per line

Large brick  (8”x16”) – $400

  • 5 lines with max. 20 characters per line

For more information about personalized bricks, please call 608.314.8413 or email