I left work early this morning to head down south to a conference (Saturday) in Robinson, IL that is hosted by the University of Illinois – Extension.  Robinson is right near the Indiana border and this event will be well attended.  I was asked to present at this annual event a year ago but, Read More

Today was super busy at the Horticulture Center with all sorts of activities occurring throughout the day.  Our lights extraction team of Larry H., Larry O., Peg, Alan and Marv B. all went out in the gardens to retrieve lights.  Pat M. continued to process lights as they came in and continued to utilize, Read More

Today was a nice sunny one with temperatures right around 32 degrees F.  Looks like they received quite a blanket of snow out East!  I heard it will be 36″ deep in Boston.  While I’m not a big fan of snow removal, I sure wouldn’t mind another layer out in the gardens.  Of course, that, Read More

The winter months are a great time of year to appreciate some of the subtle (or not so subtle) contributions in the winter landscape.  Winter interest in our gardens is vital and may include ornamental grasses, colorful stems, ornamental fruits, colorful conifers and certainly ornamental bark.  This blog shows just a few of the many options, Read More

We had an impressive showing of volunteers this morning despite the snow showers.  We missed some accumulation yesterday but will probably end up with an inch or so throughout the day.  The East coast is sure going to get it bad!  Our mobile retrieval crew of Larry H., Larry O. and Peg L. went out, Read More

It was nice to get back in the office today although I certainly enjoyed the previous two days at the 2015 Garden Center Symposium / Midwest Perennial Conference in Waukesha, WI.  I hope my presentations were well-received and my shameless promotion of the gardens should hopefully inspire some future visitors and supporters!  I spent the, Read More

Today was overcast with some light snow/drizzle although we still had a nice turnout of volunteers.  I’m presenting both tomorrow and Thursday at the 2015 Garden Center Symposium/Midwest Perennial Conference near Milwaukee and look forward to networking as well as the presentations.  Janice was in to continue work on her Spring Plant Sale vegetable, Read More

Today was sunny and more mild than in previous weeks!  We had a nice weekend too with highs near 40 degrees F. The temperature today ended up in the upper 30 degrees F and we had some nice activity outside with bringing in more lights and cords from the Holiday Lights Show (HLS). It was a, Read More

Some of you loyal blog readers will remember Ed Lyon (well-represented in this blog) from his time as Executive Director at Rotary Botanical Gardens for four years.  I’ve known Ed since 1999 when he was a graduate student at UW-Madison (horticulture) and have watched him become a force in the world of plants as well as a dear, Read More

While the day was overcast and cold (not unusual for this time of year!), we had a productive day at the Horticulture Center.  Pat M. was in to process more lights which continue to flow back in from the garden on a daily basis.  Larry H. headed back out in the gardens for more, Read More