It was another cold day although the blue sky and sunshine made it feel warmer than the -9 degrees F we had this morning (wind chill).  At the time of typing this blog (morning), I haven’t seen any volunteers yet.  We had a great week and look forward to a warm up next, Read More

It was another cold day but we had a great turnout of volunteers at the Horticulture Center.  Larry H. went out in the gardens to bring in more lights and Pat M. continued to process lights for storage.  Larry O. was both inside and outside and Bill O. helped out with myriad projects this, Read More

An entirely underused perennial is the wood betony (Stachys officinalis) which really is a tough and durable plant with plenty of visual appeal.  The variety ‘Hummelo’ can be seen above and below and is one of the most popular varietal selections out on the market (sometimes sold as Stachys monieri).  See further below for my favorite:, Read More

  Today was painfully frigid with temperatures well below 0 degrees F.  We didn’t have any activity out in the gardens but the Horticulture Center saw a lot of volunteers and related action.  In the office, Gary worked on labels, Janice worked on the Spring Plant Sale (Mother’s Day weekend) and Kay processed seeds, Read More

Today was FRIGID with no activity out in the gardens (except for hungry deer).  While the weather outside was frightful, the inside was so delightful (and productive).  Pat M. continued to process lights while Dr. Gredler painted more trash bins with a fresh coat of grey/blue paint.  Ron Y. and Dave were putting primer, Read More

It was a cold day outside with wind chill temperatures below 0 degrees F.  Needless to say, we didn’t have anyone out in the gardens but the progress with taking down the Holiday Lights Show (HLS) has gone very well over the last six weeks.  It’s hard to believe that last year we had, Read More

For us in the Midwest, the winter landscape can be a bit bleak with lots of white and brown out there.  Our “winter interest” gardens should also contain colorful stems, ornamental berries and a lot more conifers for color.  Plant form and structure also becomes more conspicuous with all of our woody plants.  Yellow, Read More

We’re back from another successful Garden Expo hosted by Wisconsin Public Television at the Alliant Center Exhibition Hall this past weekend up in Madison, WI.  Our booth was visited often and we were able to expose the gardens to a wide range of folks that have never been, haven’t been in awhile and certainly, Read More

As seen in these first couple of photos, the Holiday Lights Show (HLS) take down is going well with steady progress daily.  The recent warm up has helped and with only a relatively thin layer of snow out there, we’re able to get to many cords as well.  Our system of storage is quite, Read More

I’m headed up to the Wisconsin Public Television Garden Expo ( this afternoon but spent the morning working on our Spring Plant Sale.  These photos are from previous sales but give you an idea of the scope of this fundraiser.  The sale is scheduled for Mother’s Day weekend (May 9th and 10th) from 9 am, Read More