My daughter photographed this owl today at a local “box store” and I got a kick out of this new approach to gnomes in the garden!  Just wanted to share the milestone of reaching 400,000 hits with this blog since it began on March 24, 2008.  This will be the 1,846 post since the, Read More

Above is a wonderful image from yesterday that Marsha M. shared with me this morning.  I was out sick yesterday and have been playing “catch up” all day.  Yesterday we had a full crew of volunteers working on a wide range of tasks including lowering one of our two “Towers of Power” under the, Read More

While it was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine, the air was still crisp with temperatures only reaching the lower 30 degrees F mark. That didn’t dissuade Ron R., Urban, Pat M. and Alan M. from coming in to help out.  Ron continued cutting down ornamental grasses out in the gardens while Urban, Read More

All the photos in this blog were taken at Olbrich Botanical Gardens (Madison, WI) last evening before a presentation that I gave on the importance of foliage in the shade garden.  Their garden is coming to life and I’m glad I was able to catch some low sun angles on plants like the ‘Arnold, Read More

It was another chilly day with suspended disbelief that Spring is actually here.  The birds are still chirping but the snow is still here for now!  Above are some of our repurposed containers providing some bright coloration on this grey day.  Below are three Shepherds College (Union Grove, WI) students last week enjoying these, Read More

The snow continues to melt today and hopefully will be gone by the end of the week with warming temperatures and possible scattered rain throughout the week.  Not much happened out in the gardens today but we had a good crew at the Horticulture Center.  Nancy N., Kay and Pat C. were the “terrific, Read More

Winter reminded us today that it can still show up and did so with 5″ of snow over night and in to the late morning.  The roads were a mess and this certainly thwarted garden work outside.  However, it didn’t affect our productivity in the Horticulture Center.  We did have a semi load of, Read More

Above is Kris K. (RBG Education Coordinator) with Peter Hatch, one of our speakers at the annual Rotary Botanical Gardens Spring Symposium today.  Peter was Director of Gardens and Grounds at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello estate.  He gave a nice presentation followed by signings of his book.  It was a healthy crowd of 130 and, Read More

I always been a fan of yuccas and am most familiar with Yucca filamentosa which has a long history in our gardens.  While the green form has that nice rigid structure, called the “Southwest Look”, I prefer the variegated forms (like ‘Golden Sword’ above) for their contribution of color 365 days per year. Native, Read More

Today was another sunny and cool day with lots of action at the Horticulture Center and out in the gardens.  Pat M. went out for more serious pruning which involved some significant “ladder work”. Kathy P. was out cutting back ornamental grasses and doing some general tidying.  Vern came in for some carpentry work, Read More