In a nutshell, we had a very productive Volunteer Work Day despite the persistent drizzle, occasional downpours and temperature fluctuations between 75 degrees F and 55 degrees F!  It was a whirlwind and I was so impressed that our crew continued to plant through the rain.  We planted the front of the Parker Education, Read More

I took the photo above yesterday and it was neat to see these seven kids climb right up in to this giant Adirondack chair!  The kids were at the gardens as part of our Youth Education Program which has some wonderful volunteers helping with this program.  Well, today was on and off rain and, Read More

Today was a nice sunny day with temperatures reaching the mid 80 degrees F.  It was nice to have some sun and the recent rainfall has certainly been a great boon.  The gardens still look great (note Russo Fountain above with rhododendrons in the foreground) although the seeds of our female cottonwoods (Populus deltoides), Read More

The weather progressed through mist, sunshine, showers, sunshine, rain and then sunshine today.  I was happy for more precipitation for sure and we had enough gaps in the rain to accomplish a lot of tasks.  A nice rain like we’ve had over the past two days allows us to avoid running irrigation for many, Read More

Today was interesting in that it was overcast for a couple hours, then we received about three hours of rain, then sunshine arrived.  We made the most of the day though with staff and volunteers as it is vital to catch up after the long holiday weekend.  Thankfully rain on Sunday helped keep things, Read More

The weather was perfect for a successful Volunteer Work Day this morning which included planting in two distinct areas.   We planted most of the “Alphabet Jungle Garden” and the majority of the reception garden.  A big thanks to Dejanique, Carol S., Jim S., Barb, Mandy, Carol #2, Andrea, Mary W., Shirley, Aubrey, Gary,, Read More

The weather was perfect today with sunshine and temperatures reaching the mid 70 degrees F. The nice weather brought plenty of visitors in to the gardens today too and there was plenty to enjoy like the hybrid magnolia (Magnolia tripetala x sieboldii) seen above which is always quite striking.  The grounds staff (Big John,, Read More

Today started out cool but became warm with ample sunshine.  The temperature increased 30 degrees from 43 degrees F at 7 am to 73 degrees F by this afternoon.  We had another monumental volunteer turnout throughout the day and it was nice to see many visitors and many young students enjoying our youth education, Read More

Thankfully the evening temperatures last night didn’t get below 40 degrees F although we’ll have similar temperatures this evening.  Our tropicals are languishing and waiting for the heat which will come all too soon.  Despite the cold weather, Big John and Terry (above with Terry driving) hauled out our three new Bismarckia palms (Bismarckia, Read More

I took the photo above this morning but it was inspired by the same shot Marsha Mood took very recently and caught the rainbow in the fountain as well.  I shamelessly replicated her shot and was glad I did so (thanks Marsha!).  It was a cool start to the day and some of our, Read More