The rain held off for today although we had another 4/10th of an inch overnight.  There was very little need for watering today as we’ve really had quite a wet June overall.  I’d certainly prefer that to a dry June!  The day was cooler and in the mid 70 degrees F with overcast skies, Read More

Today was in interesting mix of warm sunshine, clouds and some sprinkles.  We had a smaller but effective crew today with both staff and volunteers continuing to primp the gardens as we head in to summer and prepare for the influx of visitors that will arrive to see our color schemes, gardens and collections., Read More

The photo above and the one directly below were from a tour that I gave for the Green County Master Gardeners last night at the gardens.  In the center above (in black) is our departing Director of Administration and Development, Cheryl.  Cheryl finished her last day yesterday and will be greatly missed by staff, Read More

Great photo above shared recently by Ken Tapp.  This is the inside of the very fragrant regal lily (Lilium regale ‘Album’) which is currently offering wonderful scent in the Smelly Garden theme in the Nancy Yahr Memorial Children’s Garden.  That garden continues to fill in and will be utilized heavily with our education programs., Read More

The day was quite nice with a mixture of clouds and sunshine and temperatures near 80 degrees F.  This was one of our FREE visitation days and many took advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the gardens.  We were running some irrigation and sprinklers but had to stop most of that activity due to, Read More

Today was a beautiful sunny day and quite a departure from the rains and winds yesterday.  We were happy that the storm abated before reaching Janesville as we had very little wind damage and received a nice .5″ of rain. Our rainfall has been pretty consistent this year and it’s always nice to let, Read More

As I type this blog in the early afternoon at the Horticulture Center, I’m the only one left at the facility after driving rains and high winds encouraged everyone else to call it a day.  Work out in the gardens will resume tomorrow but the weather warnings were significant enough to warrant calling this, Read More

It was another beautiful day and while we enjoyed the sunshine and heat, the importance of watering became more evident today as it begins to dry up again.  We ran some sprinklers throughout the day and did quite a bit of hand watering.  Areas in the shade are still damp but keeping up with, Read More

The weather has been quite nice this week and today was no exception.  Nice cool mornings do transition to the hotter afternoons with today being quite sunny as well with temperatures in the low 80 degrees F.  That is perfect weather for our summer annuals to really hit stride and the recent rainfall has, Read More

Today was another beautiful one with sunshine and blue skies.  The temperature ended up around 80 degrees F which is just perfect and should encourage our annuals to start filling in nicely.  Unfortunately, the weeds are receiving this same “encouragement.”  We had a lot of visitors today including a fun garden club from the, Read More