The gardens continue to be very colorful.  Above is a small vignette in the shade garden which features ‘Unstoppable Upright Fire’ begonia (Begonia) and the silvery ‘Pegasus’ begonia (Begonia) as well.  We had some nice rain on Saturday which has mitigated our need for irrigation or sprinklers for at least yesterday and today as, Read More

Today started with the strong promise of rain which is reinforced on the doppler radar!  We had some drizzle this morning but the bulk of the rain should arrive later this afternoon and evening.  Tomorrow might be soggy as well.  We’ll see what happens.  The gardens continue to look lush as seen in the, Read More

Today was beautiful weather with sunshine and mid 70 degrees F.  The gardens looked great and we had lots of visitors out in the gardens.  Incoming rain this weekend and a warm up in temperatures next week will be helpful for extended color and plant vigor.  There was a large group meeting at the, Read More

The day was again overcast and cool with temperatures barely reaching 70 degrees F.  It looks like we’ll have a nice “warm up” next week with temperatures reaching the upper 80 degrees and low 90 degree range.  Most of our staff and volunteers today had multiple layers on due to this cold snap.  Some, Read More

While the sun did make an appearance later in the afternoon, it was overcast and cool again today.  It continues to be nice “working weather” although some extended heat would be preferable for our annuals and tropicals.  The gardens are still looking nice (see shot above in the North point garden).  That bright pink, Read More

In case you see this blog first, I did post another blog for Monday, August 24th. Just wanted to show highlights of the trial garden at Four Star Greenhouse in Carleton, Michigan that I enjoyed yesterday.  Lots of great color, combinations and plant ideas in a beautiful setting that I had all to myself!, Read More

Today was another beautiful day although it was a cool morning at 54 degrees F with the high temperature right around 70 degrees F.  It sure feels like early October out in the gardens.  However, the displays (like that above in the North point garden) still look vivid (see below too).  We don’t have, Read More

Today was another whirlwind of travel and seeing a whole lot of plants.  I think I took another 1,500 photos today!  The weather was perfect for an early start to the C. Raker & Sons Trial Garden in Litchfield, MI.  I had visited this trial garden (which is huge) about four years ago and, Read More

It was a day full of sunshine, plants and gardens.  I did get a rewarding “plant fix” on my first day of three in Michigan where I plan to visit many gardens and see as many plants as possible.  I started the day at Walters Gardens, Inc. today and had a great visit with, Read More

Today was primarily overcast with a cool breeze. Temperatures only made it to the low 70 degrees F which was perfect gardening weather although a little more heat would be nice for our annuals and tropicals. We saw lots of visitors today including a bus tour from Waukesha, WI.  The gardens continue to look, Read More