Today was fairly quiet at the Horticulture Center and out in the gardens.  Both Big John and Larry H. were here to tweak elements of the Holiday Lights Show (HLS) which we’ll turn on tonight for a rental.  The drizzle isn’t helping much but at least they are not predicting sleet or icy conditions, Read More

You may not know Bidens well as it is not always commonly available despite its value in our hot, summer landscapes.  Also called bur marigold, black-jack, beggar-ticks, cobbler’s pegs, tickseed sunflowers and many other common names, this plant (aster family) is a perennial in the warm, frost free environments of SW North America.  For, Read More

As I type this blog on a winter day with plenty of white on the ground and a nice blue sky, I thought some “blog color” would be in order.  With the Holiday Light Show (HLS) in good order (see for information) and the garden put to bed for the winter (aside from, Read More

The 2015 Holiday Light Show (HLS) is ready to go.  All of the photos here were taken on Saturday evening at the Taste of Chocolate event which went well both inside and outside.  The set-up was monumental this year with an earlier start due to a route expansion, tens of thousands of new lights, Read More

This blog is a bit tardy and actually covers both Friday and Saturday.  We had snow arrive on early Friday evening and 18 hours later…we had 11 inches of snow.  The snow was mushy on the bottom which made snow removal difficult but essential as we needed to prepare for the Taste of Chocolate, Read More

The beautiful tree above doesn’t “visually express” the experience of being windswept all day.  It was a cold day and the difference between being in a sunny, sheltered spot and an open, windy spot was about 10 degrees F easily!  The great fall color above is on a Pacific Sunset hybrid maple (Acer truncatum, Read More

With the exception of a couple small problems and future alterations, the 2015 Holiday Light Show (HLS) is up and ready to roll.  I took the photo above as I was running cords today and have always liked this hummingbird sculpture.  Oddly enough, we’ll have a Humminbird Haven theme next year in the Nancy, Read More

Today was a miserable, rainy day outside which thwarted most of us (except Larry and John).  Larry, John, Cindy and I saw Kathy, Patrea, Dr. Gredler, Pat M., Maury (errands), Mark S. and a couple others today.  We had no shortage of indoor tasks although Larry was the toughest for outdoor work in the, Read More

Nice fall color on the Pacific Sunset hybrid maple (Acer truncatum x platanoides ‘Warrenred’) out in the arboretum Monday.  This hybrid is a cross between the Shantung maple and Norway maple and “colors up” quite late but in vivid fashion!  I had all of these photos loaded yesterday with the intent of finishing the, Read More

The forecast earlier this week called for a rainy day today but we were all happy to enjoy a sunny and mild day with the rain coming later in the evening.  Unfortunately the weather prediction also includes very strong winds up to 40 mph which might affect some elements of the Holiday Light Show, Read More