Today was a combination of sunshine and heat that later transitioned to rain and some cooler temperatures.  There was still plenty of color to enjoy like that of ‘The Governor’ lupine (Lupinus hybrida) seen above in the English cottage garden.  On the Memorial Day holiday, Big John, Cindy and Larry O. took care of, Read More

We had a great turnout this morning under overcast skies for our Volunteer Planting Work Day.  The photos here show some of the highlights of our planting day which included Sue, (above on the ladder) Gary (above), Alan, Hal, Doris, Vera, Becky, Brian, Dan, Kathy, Maggie and her daughter, Mary, Gena, Donna, Pat, Pete,, Read More

I never thought I’d feature a shark in this horticulture blog but here it is above (one of two)!  Our Grumpies have embraced creating more decorations for our Giant Aquarium which we should finish by next week.  Note some of the additional elements seen below!  We’re working with the Hedberg Public Library (Janesville, WI), Read More

As I watched the doppler radar progress this morning, it looked like some significant rain heading our way only to have it only sputter a bit and move on.  While we’re not dry, we’ve missed some recent storms and could use a good soaking soon (maybe tomorrow!).  Nice shot above of ‘Jade Butterflies’ ginkgo, Read More

The day started with the boys muscling out our three, 300 lb. culvert pipe planters painted a nice purple (our dedication to Prince).  Above (left to right) are Terry, Big John, Trevor and Nolan.  I would have helped but had to take the photos…Below is Terry moving them with the end loader and in, Read More

Today was another warm one at around 83 degrees F.  Threats of late afternoon rain made for an overcast afternoon but it was still quite warm.  Nice shot above of the ‘Dawyck Gold’ upright European beech (Fagus sylvatica).  This time of year would be considered, in my mind, the busiest of the season as, Read More

It was a warm and sunny day and most of this week looks unseasonably warm despite some showers we’ll see later in the week. The morning was cooly comfortable but it became quite hot out in the sun today with temperatures in the lower 80 degrees F or so.  The Rock’s tree peony (Paeonia, Read More

We had an excellent Volunteer Work Day today with lots of excellent help putting many plants in the ground.  Lily (above) is standing next to an impressive stack of the empty cell packs for over 1,500 plants!  Lily, along with 35 other volunteers, were on hand this morning to plant in the entrance garden, Read More

Today was another crazy day with lot of grounds staff and volunteers in perpetual motion.  Nice shot above of the Russo Family Fountain in the distance with ‘Purple Sensation’ ornamental onions (Allium) and a ‘Royal Purple’ smokebush (Cotinus coggygria) in the foreground.  Our volunteers today included Marv, Kathy, Eva, Kay, Karen M., Jim, three, Read More

Today was another delightful day of sunshine and temperatures right around 70 degrees F.  This patch of ‘Purple Sensation’ ornamental onions (Allium) seen above sure looked nice today with those spheres floating along the outer fence line.  Today was another busy one with lots of grounds staff and volunteers coming and going.  There were, Read More