Above is Michael Jesiolowski from the Chicago Botanic Garden.  Michael gave an inspirational talk last night on the “Handsome Harvest” which featured many plants that provide edibility (and ornamentality!).  We had a nice turnout and appreciate Michael making the trip and also taking a swim in the Giant Aquarium! We had another nice sunny, Read More

  Today was excellent weather and the progress was monumental.  We had an excellent turnout of volunteers and were able to plant in five areas and do some serious weeding in four areas.  Above is the ‘Sea Foam’ rose (Rosa) thriving in the reception garden where we did some of this weeding and planting, Read More

The weather was unseasonably cool today and in the mid 70 degrees F.  No one was complaining though as it was perfect working weather with a nice mix of clouds and sunshine.  Above is a nice shot of the fern & moss garden which continues to look green and lush.  Our half inch of, Read More

The cart seen above is one of three that I loaded up today to head in to the gardens.  We are 87.4% planted right now with a couple areas and pockets left to go.  We typically will plant in to early July simply due to the volume of plants (seasonals) that we install each, Read More

My blog title refers to the fact that we had to do A LOT of watering today to make up for the lack of recent precipitation and the increasing heat!  Nice photo above of ‘Indian Summer’ gloriosa daisy (Rudbeckia hirta) which loves the heat to be sure.  We had a busier-than-usual Friday with the, Read More

  We had hoped for more rain today and while up to 1″ of precipitation was predicted…we only received 1/10″ or so.  It was overcast most of the day but the rain simply missed us; mostly to the south (that’s the “bum steer”!).  We did have some great help today and were able to, Read More

Today was another sunny day with a cool morning and a warm (85 degrees F) afternoon.  Our grounds staff kept busy throughout the day and our volunteers continue to be amazing.  With recent hot, windy weather, we have a renewed focus on watering although the threat of rain tomorrow looks promising.  Note the interesting, Read More

  Today ended up being another hot one with temperatures tickling the 90 degrees F mark.  We were all pretty beat by the end of the day but we have some tough volunteers and grounds staff for sure!  An interesting annual phlox (Phlox drummondii) can be seen above in a shade I’ve not seen, Read More

We had a nice warm Saturday morning for the last of our six sequential Volunteer Work Days.  We had about 20 volunteers show up to plant over six areas!  Big John and Janice helped run the show and Nolan was on hand as well.  Larry O. was a huge help watering the yard while, Read More

We had a great Friday at the gardens with excellent work by our grounds staff of Cindy, Big John, Terry, Trevor and Nolan.  Our volunteers included Kay, Kathy P., Eva, Firefighter Kathy, Bill O., Dr. Gredler, Larry O., Stan, Kristin, Jenny, Marv B., Peg, Lois, Ellie, Pat, Gary, Patrea and others.  Much of my, Read More