With our cottonwoods (Populus deltoides) dropping leaves early like they do every year, it feels a bit like Autumn out in the gardens already!  The last couple of days have been warm but as I type, we’re getting even more rain and tomorrow will be nice and mild at 77 degrees F.  We’ve had enough, Read More

Last Friday we welcomed attendees from around the country (and globe) to Rotary Botanical Gardens as part of the All-America Selections Summer Summit 2016!  Above is the group which included growers, seed producers, horticulturists, botanical garden folks, garden media, etc.  There were some significant VIPs in the crowd and the next generation of growers, Read More

This past Wednesday morning I did two presentations for the Vermont Nursery & Landscape Association (Green Works) at Rocky Dale Gardens in Bristol, VT.  I spoke on new and exciting annuals and perennials and was also privileged to give a talk on the history, collections and management of Rotary Botanical Gardens to an fun, Read More

Today was crazy at the gardens with preparations for our VIP visitors attending the All-America Selections / National Garden Bureau Summer Summit.  While I did take some photos, I wanted to share a neat destination I visited this past Monday in Vermont. As seen on the sign above, Hildene was the Manchester, VT estate, Read More

So, I has my “plant fix” today at the Montreal Botanic Garden featured in these photos.  I’m in Vermont giving two talks for the Summer Meeting of the Green Works / Vermont Nursery & Landscape Association in Bristol, VT.  Vermont is absolutely beautiful and I can imagine the fall color is second to none., Read More

I’ve been a bit behind with my daily blogs as last week was a “pseudo-vacation” with some time at work and some off.  With so much going on, I wanted to be available to help keep everyone coordinated and with the recent storms, the clean-up efforts will continue next week.  Cooler temperatures will start, Read More

The Caladium Collection is really filling in nicely with recent heat and rains.  These tropical plants with colorful foliage have long been favorites for the partly shaded border or container.  Caladiums (Caladium sp.) can actually tolerate quite a bit of sun if given ample moisture and good soils.  Our collection of 60+ varieties is, Read More

You’ll note in this blog that the photos are quite small.  This will hopefully be temporary as I’m trying to figure out how to make them larger in the blog but yet, still maintain the resolution of the photos.  Apparently the photos that I’ve been enlarging in the past on this new blog format, Read More

Mother Nature missed us again with rain that looked very promising late this morning.  What looked like 2 hours of rain ended up being five minutes of drizzle!  That seems to happen a lot here!  We do have a chance of showers over the next day or so and I hope that materializes!  It, Read More

Yesterday some of the grounds staff went on a road trip to two wonderful garden destinations.  Trevor, Cindy, Marv B., Big John, Larry H. and I had a full day road trip to Waukesha, WI to see the beautiful garden of Dale Sievert (“Mr. Moss”) and the Christopher Farm & Garden north of Sheboygan., Read More