We think we had almost 5″ of rain overnight and the gardens were a mess this morning as seen in some of these photos.  With so many gravel paths, heavy rainfall usually creates some washouts but we’ve never seen them this bad (directly below!)!  Most of our staff and volunteer efforts today revolved around, Read More

I don’t think we saw the sun today.  It did try to push out a bit in the afternoon but didn’t quite make it.  The morning was overcast and we knew rain was on the way for the afternoon.  The rain arrived earlier though at about 9 am and after two hours of moderate, Read More

Nice shot directly above of golden orixa (Orixa japonica ‘Aurea’) which is a relatively new, shade tolerant shrub that is starting to gain popularity in the Midwest.  We have a nice grouping of five of these near the arched bridge and they are thriving in this partly shaded location.  It was a cool start, Read More

The scent of these royal lilies (Lilium regale ‘Album’)  (seen above in the Nancy Yahr Memorial Children’s Garden) was intoxicating on this sunny and cool summer day.  With ample moisture last week, watering hasn’t been as time consuming as colder weather has allowed soil dampness to persist nicely.  Hotter days will be important very, Read More

  The APGA Conference does continue through this evening although I left Hamilton, Ontario early this morning to begin the journey home.  It was a rewarding week and highlights certainly included giving my presentation, networking, going to educational sessions and certainly many garden visits.  I ended up with over 3,000 photos which is not, Read More

  Post by: Patrea Wilson I worked, for a while, selling high-quality loose-leaf tea and learned to love tea of all varieties. When summer comes around, it’s a special treat to blend my fascination with tea and my love of gardening into some delicious iced drinks. The only herbal component of this drink is, Read More

Today was another busy one with a combination of educational sessions and then a great trip which is represented in all of these photos.  I gave my presentation this morning and it went well.  This was a panel presentation with five speakers including Tim (Chicago Botanic Garden), Mildred (Atlanta Botanical Garden), Jim (Longwood Gardens),, Read More

The weather was absolutely perfect today in Hamilton, Ontario with partly cloudy skies, plenty of sunshine and a temperature around 70 degrees F.  We had a full day of breakout sessions at the American Public Garden Association (APGA) conference and it’s tough to choose between them at times!  My presentation is tomorrow morning on, Read More

  Today was another busy one at the American Public Garden Association (APGA) Conference in Hamilton, Ontario.  There were plenty of sessions, meetings, networking opportunities and a trade show to enjoy.  There seem to be a lot of folks here and I’ve met some neat people and seen some old friends.  I was able, Read More

Long day today!  After arriving at the Hamilton Convention Centre for the American Public Garden Association conference, my first task was going through registration.  At this point in time I ran in to many folks I knew and the networking began in earnest.  I then departed on a bus tour with 50 others to, Read More