We had another super day at the gardens with more deliveries arriving for our Fall Plant Sale which starts next week (check out our website!).  We had more mums arrive and another delivery of excellent perennials which included lots of ornamental grasses.  Nice shot above featuring the fruits of white baneberry (Actaea pachypoda) photographed, Read More

It was another nice day out in the gardens.  Beautiful shot of a morning glory (Ipomoea sp.) above!  Our first mum delivery for the Fall Plant Sale arrived today and we’re prepared for deliveries almost daily as the yard at the Horticulture Center will fill up quickly with not only mums but perennials, bulbs,, Read More

Nice shot directly above of ‘Moudry’ perennial fountain grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides) looking good near the arboretum this morning.  I was off on vacation all of last week so my return today involved a lot of catching up!  The gardens continue to look spectacular and recent rains have helped keep moisture consistent throughout the gardens., Read More

Nice shot directly above of bottle gentian (Gentiana andrewsii) which is starting to bloom strongly right now.  We continue to have a nice extension of peak summer color and some recent evening tours have enjoyed this summer peak.  On Wednesday evening I gave a tour for the Walworth County Master Gardeners and we enjoyed, Read More

The rain missed us throughout the day which created the necessity for lots of watering.  Our grounds crew of Bobby K.., Trevor and I had a full day with the help of volunteers Kathy, Eva, Stan, Kristin, Janice and the Chestnut House volunteers.  We also saw Dr. Yahr, Lynn, Mark S., Maryam and many, Read More

Above (left to right) are Trevor, Bob, Cindy, John and Janice at the Chicago Botanic Garden (CBG) today.  The weather was perfect at 80 degrees F with ample sunshine and pleasant breeze.  We didn’t really go to Brazil of course but the CBG had a really neat “Brazil inspired” theme throughout the gardens.  We, Read More

The day started out overcast with some promising rain heading our way.  The rain swung south and we ended up with a nice sunny day at around 80 degrees F.  The very top photo is a testament to how wet has been this summer!  We are seeing mushrooms in many locations and this spot, Read More

Directly above is our Gothic color theme out in the terrace garden.  We continue to have a lush season with well-timed rain arriving yesterday afternoon and light sprinkles interspersed throughout today.  Our dark theme has been quite popular and has filled in nicely over these last 2.5 months or so. The top image shows, Read More

We had another great day out in the gardens although we had some drizzle in the morning with a burst of heavy rain later in the afternoon.  The gardens continue to see lots of visitors enjoying peak summer color.  Above is a portion of one of our many seasonal beds positioned throughout the gardens., Read More

Our third annual Horticulture Therapy Symposium was spectacular today.  Above are Mike and Amy who were two of close to 80 participants.  Mike was also one of six speakers who also included Dr. Larson, Dr. Olson, Dr. McCoy, Jennica, Leslie, Sheri and myself.  We had great support from our additional committee members of Janice,, Read More