We started the morning at Terry’s (above) house to cut down a Colorado blue spruce that he donated to the gardens for the Holiday Light Show (HLS).  Big John cut the tree down and with help from Terry, Larry H. and me, we loaded it on our trailer.  This tree had a quick transition, Read More

Above is a nice new bench that was installed at the garden late last week along the newly renovated North path.  The view is excellent across the pond from this location.  Today was cool and exhibited periods of strong winds, sleet, and sunshine.  The weather was all over the place but we had a, Read More

It was a chilly day today with some significant wind too!  The day didn’t really warm up much and we all felt bad for John from LP Tree Service (seen above) as he was up in the bucket truck securing our tree icicles in the cold and wind for many hours.  He and Treven, Read More

This morning revealed frost on windshields around town and our tropicals at the gardens were “tinged” a bit with temperatures hovering near that 32 degrees F last night.  Nice shot above of a red maple (Acer rubrum) starting to get some nice late season color. It looks like the next significant frost will be, Read More

We had our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner this evening and it was very well attended.  It’s nice to gather and chat about the year as well as some future plans. The evening was really about thanking volunteers for their valuable contributions to the gardens.  Maryam and Becky talked with the group and I did a, Read More

It was a very busy day at the gardens (and off site too) with preparations for the Holiday Light Show (HLS) in full motion.  Ten of us headed off early to Sunset Acres Tree Farm in Stoughton, WI where the generosity of Dwight and Deb continued with them donating trees for us to cut, Read More

Our last work day went excellent today and the weather was perfect.  We planted bulbs in three locations which included lots of tulips, alliums, anemones and irises.  We also removed annuals from a good sized bed as well.  Above are Flannery and Dylan who were part of our crew today which also included Cathy,, Read More

We had another warm sunny day and were happy to see lots more visitors enjoying the gardens.  Temperatures look colder next week and we’re on track for frost at some point I’m sure.  The two structures directly above on the trailer are for the Holiday Light Show (HLS) and we had some help moving, Read More

The photo directly above and directly below were taken from the roof of the Rath Environmental Center where I was running cords for the Holiday Light Show (HLS) as the “rooftop ninja” (although I have a healthy fear of heights!).  Above is ‘Fenway Gold’ Boston ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata) which will still turn a pinkish/orange, Read More

I love this time of year.  It was another cool start to the day but we all shed layers quickly as the sun came out and along with a light breeze, the day was beautiful and around 70 degrees F.  The arched bridge above is already festooned with lights for the Holiday Light Show, Read More