483.87 Average


We had an excellent Volunteer Work Day today with 31 volunteers in attendance for our planting project in the entrance garden.  The early rain missed us although we did have some significant drizzle in the late afternoon with most of my stalwart team toughing it out and planting all the way until 12 noon.  With roughly 15,000 plants installed today, the math off the top of my head makes that an average of 483.87 plants put in the ground per volunteer!  That amounts to 10 flats each which is quite significant!  We had nine volunteers from MercyRockford Health including our former Executive Director, Kelli Cameron.  This team of lovely ladies was extremely helpful and very welcome.  We also had a huge amount of help from Cindy B., Gary S., Larry O., Bill O., and Wes with keeping everything on track, organized and watered. Vicky O. and Alan M. stuck around to help me put closure on the project and Bill and Sandy stayed for more gardening action this afternoon.The amount of rain that has fallen as of the typing of this blog (4:45 pm) has not been significant so I hope we get a good “soaker” tonight!  Enjoy the highlights of this super morning and super crew.  There are two more Volunteer Work Days (both planting) the next two Saturdays from 8 am until 12 noon.


Doris and Hal


Sue C.



Bill and Sandy