A Busy Wednesday

The weather was quite nice today although I needed my ice scraper on my vehicle windows this morning.  It warmed up to 60 degrees F with ample sunshine.  The day time temperatures are at least a bit more reasonable than the 45 degrees F highs we had over the weekend!  The real warm up will likely happen next week although the rain has at least stopped for a bit.  Nice shot above of Dolce® Blackcurrant coral bells (Heuchera ‘PWHeu0109’) with some vivid spring coloration.  Our grounds staff of Larry H., Larry O., Bobby K. and myself all had a wide range of projects going on today.  Our first wedding of the season was this evening in the rose garden!  Later this evening, many of us converged on Anderson Japanese Garden in Rockford, IL for an excellent tour.  I’ll share some of those photos tomorrow.

‘Rotlaub’ Rodger’s flower (Rodgersia podophylla) – perennial

‘Amber Moon’ false spirea (Astilbe chinensis) – perennial

‘Tricolor’ Corneliancherry dogwood (Cornus mas) – woody tree

Above are Bobby K. (left) and Larry H. installing some of our new directional sign posts out in the gardens.  Big John pre-dug the holes yesterday and the guys did a nice job of installing all eight today.  We had a very busy volunteer Wednesday with lots of action throughout the gardens.  Kathy P., new Cathy and Eva weeded in some select locations including the sunken garden (below).  Vicki and Steve did a great job at the Horticulture Center creating more bed space for some incoming trial perennials.  Marv B. and Alan M. were in early for painting.  Dennis J. was back to work on rebuilding the boulder wall along the North path and is doing a great job.  Not far away in the gazebo garden, Terri and Sandi did an excellent job weeding a large area.  Stan and Kristin did a nice job tidying in the Japanese garden and Cheryl D. spent some significant time in that garden tidying as well!  Kay was in to touch up her portion of the shade garden which has filled in very nicely.  Rollie ran to pick up some memorial bricks while Bill O. did some mowing.  Peg was in to repair and replace plant labels in the woodland walk garden.  Gena, Myrt, Mary and Nancy all did a great job weeding in the main parking lot islands and in the daylily collection. Bev D. and Deb G. matched new signs to their respective Garden Art Project fish out in the gardens.  We also saw Mark S., Dave K. and many others today.  The Chestnut House volunteers were back in action this year and worked with Janice at the Horticulture Center (see below).

Kathy P. (left) and Eva

Sandi (far left) and Terri

the Chestnut House volunteers are back in action! (above and below) – photos by Janice Peterson

Coppertina® ninebark (Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Mindia’) – woody shrub

crabapple (Malus) at the Horticulture Center – unknown variety

Serious Black™ clematis (Clematis recta ‘Lime Close’) – perennial

The Compost & Pansy Sale continues this Saturday from 8 am – 12 noon!  Lots of great plants and compost left!