A Chilly Day

It was a chilly day today with some significant wind too!  The day didn’t really warm up much and we all felt bad for John from LP Tree Service (seen above) as he was up in the bucket truck securing our tree icicles in the cold and wind for many hours.  He and Treven did a nice job and finished installing the majority of our dangling tree icicles for the Holiday Light Show (HLS).  It was a busy day around the gardens to be sure although that touch of early winter was certainly in the air.

Our grounds staff of Terry, Cindy, Larry H., Big John, Janice and Bobby K. all had HLS duties and some other odds and ends.  I ran lots of cords today to connect to the lights that LP Tree Service was installing.  Our wonderful grounds volunteers included Kathy, Eva, Marleen, Urban and Derrick.  We continued to remove plants from select areas and Derrick started emptying most of our largest containers.  We also saw Mark S. and couple others as well.  It was a chilly but productive day.  With only four weeks left until the start of the HLS on November 24th (advanced tickets are already on sale!), HLS preparations daily are vital and will certainly be our primary focus as we also put the garden to bed for the winter.

interesting fall color on Boston ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata) – woody vine

Playin’ The Blues hybrid salvia (Salvia longispicata x farinacea ‘Balsalmispim’) took some light frost but wont last much longer! – annual

Fall Fiesta® sugar maple. (Acer saccharum ‘Bailsta’) – woody tree

fall color on Goldspire™ ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba ‘Blagon’) – woody tree

late season color on willowleaf bluestar (Amsonia hubrichtii) – perennial

fall color on ‘Debonair’ pond cypress (Taxodium ascendens) – deciduous conifer

fern & moss garden

fall color on wafer ash (Ptelea trifoliata) – woody tree

fall color on ‘Goshiki’ speckled Japanese zelkova (Zelkova serrata) – woody tree

common witchhazel (Hamamelis virginiana) – small woody tree / large shrub