Active Archery

The combination of Larry and ladders (seen directly above) have helped decorate two large evergreens today (and much more!).  Larry, Big John, Terry, Alex, Bobby K., Cindy and I all had more duties related to the Holiday Light Show (HLS) preparations.  Cindy and Alex did some gardening as well and we had some great volunteer help from Kathy P., Eva, Vern, Marleen, Dick H., Bill O., Maury, John J., Steve and many others.  The weather was beautiful again today and we saw LOTS of school kids coming through for our popular program facilitated by our talented education volunteers.  Our irrigation system was shut down today with help from Bobby K. and tomorrow is our Halloween Walk event and it should be a dry day after the rain this evening.

fall color on ‘Viridis’ Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) above and below – woody tree

more displays go up every day for the HLS – photo courtesy of Cindy B.

John J. (left) and Steve put up more lights today with a modified bow and weighted/padded arrow (with attached fishing line to pull up the lights)…see below!

our “trio clusters” of icicle lights put up by John and Steve

intensifying fall color on golden Japanese orixa (Orixa japonica ‘Aurea’) – woody shrub

‘All Gold’ Hakone grass (Hakonechloa macra) holding color – perennial

painted Adirondack chairs combine well with late season color in the alpine garden (above)